Friday, November 2, 2012

What I want in a man!!!

Soooooo waaaaay back in the day, Sis. Bishop Abbott had us girls write out a list of what we wanted in a HUSBAND...mines pretty ya know LONG...of COURSE...I'm NOT about to post that list...LOL...CONFIDENTAL PEOPLE...I do have a FEW secrets!!! HAHA!!! buuuuuuuuuut at the same time, I think this song by the Gaither Vocal band sums it all up pretty well!!! (Also I think this would be a FABULOUS song for an Apostolic Men's courtet to sing on Father's day or something!)
What this dying world could use is a willing Man of God
Who dares to go against the grain...
 and works without applause;
A man who'll raise the shield of Faith,
protecting what is pure;
Whose love is tough and gentle;
a man whose word is sure.
God doesn't need an Orator
 who knows what just to say;
He doesn't need authorities
 to reason Him away;
He doesn't need an army to guarantee a win;
He just needs a Few Good Men.
Men full of Compassion,
 who Laugh and Love and Cry-
Men who'll face Eternity
and aren't afraid to die-
Men who'll fight for Freedom
and Honor once again-
He just needs a Few Good Men.
Isn't that an AWESOME song??? I think my FAVORITE line is A man who's love is TOUGH and GENTLE!!! That soooooo describes the kinda guy I need...One of my brother's said it like this, Mary you are sooooo soft-hearted and airheaded, you need to marry a really, really, REALLY GOOD GUY...with a heart of stone...AHAHAHA!!!
Ladies, what is your favorite line???
If your married, which line most describes your husband???

♥Mary Frances :)