Friday, November 23, 2012

While i'm waiting...

Sooooo its black friday annnnnd i've been out with my sis shopping since 8pm last night...LOL...annnnnnd i'm currently at my mom's, my sis went home buuuuuuuuuuut i'm waiting for Dillards to open...sooooo I just wanted to throw this out there to any of the AZ woman in my area... ANY OF YOU ALL INTERESTED in doing JAIL MINISTRY with me in the womans jail??? Bro. Foster was talking about jail ministry when he preached at our church on Sunday and I thought...I WANNA DO THAT!!! Its NOT something I ever would have normally wanted to do...TILL i met my friend Kimmy Kat...she's an Ex-felon...annnnnnnnd when you see how God can change a life around its pretty AMAZING!!! Or if any ladies want to do ACTS class...I'm not sure how to get trained for that and stuff...buuuuuut I wanna see God do MORE of THIS HERE!!!  IF anyone is interested or knows how to get involved please email me and i'll talk to my pastor about it!!! I figure, i FINALLY have my own wheels ANNNNNND i'm single...I might as well spend as much time as possible workin for God!!! Can I get an AMEN??? Woot! Woot!!! Holla-Holla??? LOL  K! I'm OFF to Dillards now!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)