Friday, December 14, 2012

A moment!!!!

Okaaaaay sooooo... I jus discovered that I really truly am ghetto!!! Soooo I went thru a ton of my clothes and I hav some really cute stuff so I thought I would try to consign it at A Second Look!!! Which is basically an expensive thrift store!!!
Soooo I'm readin their lil paper of consignment rules annnnnd it says we do NOT take any low end brand names of clothing!!! Such as Kmart, Walmart , target and Old Navy!!! I was like whaaaaat?!?! Since when are Target and Old Navy considered LOW END?!?! I mean seriously?!?! Like WOW!!! I like soooo thought that Old Navy was a name brand!!! I mean I loooooove that store!! I told my mom and she was like WHAT?! I won't even shop at target because its to expensive!!! Haha!!! Gotta love MY MOM!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I'm jus like okaaaaay what does Second Look know about what's low end any ways???They're a second hand store!!! A THRIFT STORE!!! USED MERCHANDISE!!! THEY'RE LOW END!!!  Don't get me wrong, I have NOTHING against thrift stores, I just HATE when thrift stores FORGET that they are thrift stores!!! I mean seriousley, you don't see RICH people like, OMW I gotta go get me some NAME BRAND clothes, that have already been used, at SECOND LOOK!!! NO! They, go right to the original store and don't blink an eye at paying full price!!! 
Buuuuuut WOW...I mean everyone knows that Kmart is Ghetto ANNNND Walmart well...its kinda ghetto buuuuut I STILL LOVE that place!!! BUUUUUUUT TARGET AND OLD NAVY??? Man, i'm just takin a moment to take in, just HOW ghetto I really, truley am!!! HAHAHA!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)