Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free! Free! FREE!!!

Soooooo who all here likes FREE STUFF??? ME!!! Weeeeeellllll...Audio Theatre Central is offering a great deal for a FREE Lamplighter theatre Episode!(Audio Drama) This is a $25 value for FREE!!! I just ordered mine!!!
Thank you, Mary Ginty.
Your order has been placed.
A confirmation e-mail with a printable invoice will be sent to you.
Your order number is 109776
Your order total is $0.00
How AWESOME is that???
 Go HERE for the details to get yours!!! (When you order your FREE episode, make sure that you let Lamplighter know that you found out about them from AUDIO THEATRE CENTRAL [AKA: ATC or Radio CSS Or Jonathon, Andrew and Roy] annnnnnd MAKE sure you let Audio Theatre Central know that you found out from CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!!They owe me!!!;) soooo DON'T FORGET!!!) Heeeeey who can't afford FREE??? What are you waiting for??? GO!!!
♥Mary Frances :)