Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My VAN!!!

Soooooo LAST Wednesday night...I had the SCARE of my life!!! Sooooooo its after church, I got to the gym and THEN when I am on my way home, just a few blocks from home Anali calls...sooooo I like HAVE to talk to her buuuuut I don't believe in talking and driving!!! LOL!!! Soooo I pull over in the neighborhood to talk to her!
We're like talking and talking and talking and then for some reason I decided to just turn on the van and drive the rest of the way home!! HAHA!!! Weeeeellll...WHEN I go to turn on the ignition the van will NOT start!!! It just makes this like kinda clickin sound... so I like FLIPPED out!!! I'm like ANALI my van won't start!!! I think its either out of gas or I blew the engine!!!
She is like WHAT why? I'm like well its really close to the E mark...soooo it could be the gas OR  my sis has been telling me to go get the oil changed buuuuut i've been holding off...she had even given me a coupon for a free Oil change it was just like ACTUALLY going and stuff!!! So she is like well don't freak out yet it might be not be a big deal!!! IM like NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm SOOOOOO used to having my independance now....it will be sooooo HARD to go back...plus, I kinda feel like ya know, ADULTISH having my own car!!!
So I get out of my van, still on the phone and i'm just like pacing around and around the van, Anali is like WHAT are you doing?!?!?! I'm like, I'm just walking around and around praying and laying hands and on my van and begging God to have mercy on me for NOT getting that oil change and to NOT let it be the engine!!!
Sooooo we hang up and I go running home, tell my sis who is almost sleepin and she is just like, I think you blew the engine!!! Its your own fault!!! I told you to get the oil changed...even gave you a free coupon for it! I'm like FLIPPED out!!! I call my brothers! Its like around 1 am now, Abe and Grace come to the rescue with gas...buuuuut by this time I had figured out that it wasn't the engine OR the gas...it was THE BATTERY!!! I could tell cuz my lights were getting dimmer and dimmer!!! SEE...I knew I could go a lil bit longer without getting gas!!! HAHA!!!
Soooo when my brother had gotten there I had already run home again and came back with the jumper cables draped across my shoulders!!! LOLOL!!!
ANNNNNNND VROOOOOM my van started RIGHT UP!!! OOOOO I was soooooooo happy!!! I was like dancin in the street!!! HAHAHA!!! Annnnnnd you wanna know something REALLY FUNNY???? Ever since my sis gave me the van, the check engine light has been on, buuuuuuuuut WHEN I drove home that night I looked annnnnnd IT WAS OFF!!! ANNNNND its STILL OFF!!! Soooooooooo I think God REALLY did heal my van!!! IN JESUS NAME...I'm CLAIMING IT!!! Maybe by the summer time he will have healed the AC too!!! HAHAHA!!!
Really, tho, with or without AC, I am VERY GREATFUL FOR MY VAN and THANK GOD FOR IT!!! AND thank my sister for passing it on to me!!! I know in some people's world its just a HUNK of JUNK...
buuuut ya know what...ITS MY HUNK!!!
Annnnnnd thats the ONLY HUNK this girl's got!!! ;)))
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I got an apointment at 3 to get the oil changed...ya know, A womans gotta take care of her HUNK!!! Hee, hee!!!;)