Monday, December 3, 2012

Shoe moment!!!

Soooooooooo last Sunday morning during service for some reason decide to look down at my shoes ANNNNNND this is WHAT I SEE!!! AHAHAHA!!!
I was like OMW!!! I HAD ON TWO DIFFERENT SHOES...annnnd of COURSE I was sitting in my usual spot on the front row!!! LOLOLOL!!! Then Denae and Alyssa like NOTICE ME, NOTICING MY SHOES!!! And they both start laughing at me!!! Then Denae shows her mom and she was laughing...yeah It was pretty FUNNNNNY!!!
I mean SOMEHOW I managed to put on TWO different pairs of shoes and YET...they were still the RIGHT SHOE for each foot!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Only I would manage to do that!!! Then I was thinking OH maybe I should just play it off like I'm trying to be IN STYLE!!! Ya know...NOT matching is the NEW matching!!!! HAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)