Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Conquror's Conference 2012!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo CC 2012 was  amaZingly AWESOME!!! Really, the services and preaching were just superb!!! Now...i must say, these pics are totally OUT OF ORDER!!! Blogger and the iPhone just mixed them all up...sooooooooo i'll just talk out of order...LOL!
Okay so this lil boy was just sooooo CUTE!!! I can't remember his name but he just came over and joined our game of PERFECT SENSE!!!   It w a s soooo funny ! I kept e xclaiming to him...YOUR SOOOO CUTE!!! YOUR SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUTE! I was like, I know! Ok lets PLAY!!! AHAHAHA!!! Then we asked him who's church he was from and he just shrugged his shoulders! It was super funny!!!
Bro. Wilkins from right here in Chandler AZ preached the morning services and it was soooooo GOOOOOOD!!! He preached a message called, "What about the cross?" Basically, what it was saying was that NO MATTER WHAT, what about the cross? What about what Jesus did for us! NOTHING can ever change that! And he was talking about carrying out our cross...DYING to our flesh...SIN!!! It was sooooo GOOOOOD!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo NO i'm NOT kissin the air for those that asked!!! BAHAHA!!! I'm TRYING to catch a marshmallow in my mouth....buuuuut I was UNsucessful I must say!!! LOL!!!
Sooooo the last night I had forgot my purse in the lobby of the hotel and thought that I had lost it....anywayz, I waz very relieved when I did find it annnnnnd sooooo I was tellin Heather from Las Vegas about it and she said something about Organizing and she was like sooooo is  your closet color cordinated and I looked at her twice to see if she was joking...AHAHAHA...buuuuut she wasn't!!! Soooooo i took this pic SPECIAL for suitcase packed and READY to zip to go home!!! AHAHAHA!!! What do YOU think HEATHER??? ;)

Cassia and her man...ummmm...sorry I can't remember his name...buuuuut he is really, really nice and friendly and polite...he EVEN says, YES Ma'am!!! Awwwww!!! Ooooo he is a good preacher too!!! Go Cassia and her tall, handsome, hunk!!! ;) ;) :)
Soooooooo I gave Hanna Foster her FIRST lil chocolate baby!!! She LOOOOOVED it!!! Her and the other lil new born from her church were actually fighting over it!!! Lol!!! I told Devi when i was giving her the present, NOW this IS a Mar Bear present and YOU WILL UNDERSTAND what I mean when she opens it!!!
So when Hanna pulled it out Devi just started laughing...cuz she REMEMBERS growing up playing babies with me....I havn't changed since I was FIVE!!! :))))
Just havin fun at the youth night...
Mary and Anali...
Photo bombers!!! LOL!
Me and Brriana Howleg!!! We fianlly to meeet in person! She is really sweet!!! LOVE HER!!!
Sooooo I met this really sweet and friendly girl named Karenza from Vegas!!!
Then she was like, weren't you on Kendra Thaler's blog?!?! I'm like YES!!! Sooooo then I introduced her to Jayne annnnnd we had ourselves a total Kendra's blog reunion!!! LOLOLOL!
Sheree, Mary, Heather, Tori...PRETTY GIRLS!!! :)
Mary and FaitherZ-Fay-fay...LOL...See i'm still workin on the UNIQUE nickname!!!
Soooo Anali is such a lil SNOOOOP...she found this pic on my camera and was like WHY do you have a pic of MY SKIRT on your phone....I was like Ummmm...ummmmm....UMMMMMMMMM...She is like MARY!!!! WHY??? I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay your cute guy FRIEND wanted to know WHAT color you were wearing to the banquet annnnnnd its  such and odd shade of yellow I felt i t was best just to send the EXACT color!!! LOLOLOl!
Bro. Urskine preached the night ALL I can say!!! I was sooooo blessed!!! the last night before the preaching even sttarted five people got the Holy Ghost!!! It was sooooo AWESOME!!!
Soooooooooo I LOOOOOVE this scarf its just sooooo BRIGHT annnnnd IDK...I just LOOOOVE IT!!! LOL Sooooo one of the guys from Roswell told me that its my GOOGLE scarf!!! I LOOOOVE that!!!

Soooo IF  you see me wearing it, feel free to aske me random questions and i'll be sure to tell you cRaZy answers...JUST LIKE GOOGLE!!!!!!
Soooooo my friends Heather and Jonathon Stultz went to the CC banquet together...awwwwwwwww sooooo cute...NO I wasn't the one that introduced...can't take credit...LOL!!!
Soooooo the most POPULAR girl at the CC banquet was BY FAR my friend LORI!!!
She didn't have a SPECIFIC DATE...cuz she got pics with ALL the handsome guys!!!

Woot! WOOT!!! Go Lori! Go LORI!!! GO LORI!!!

Chris and Anrew attempting to spell out LORI with their fingers!!! BAHAHA!!!
Me and Lori!!! Awwww I LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS GIRL!!! She is such an inspiration!!! IF you have NEVER read her testimony you can do so HERE!!! She also has written two books, Plays and teaches piano, has the voice of an ANGEL annnnnd she can you go to your church and SING and speak about what all God has done for her...JUS SAYIN...if you have never heard her...she is a TRUE INSPIRATION AND MOTIVIATION!!! She would be a GREAT speaker to have at your lady conferences!!!! Jus sayin!!! :D
Soooooooooooo I was super excited about my outfit the last night...ACTUALLY it was my Christmas outfit and I didn't know if I would have the guts to wear it to a conference just cuz it seemed sooooo Idk over the top I guess!!! LOLOL Buuuuut I mean it was fur which is just totlally mar-bearish!!! LOL! I kept petting myself the WHOLE night...AHAHAHA!!!  

Annnnnd actually it was a very simple outfit...I just switched out my GOOGLE scarf that I had worn in the morning with my fur thing and pinned it to my shirt...I even left my hair the same with my scrunchy bun thing that I do and switched out my hair accessory! I didn't even change my shoes cuz another girl wanted to have fancy shoes to wear that night so I jus let her wear mine...I was like Oh well...I'm already wearin FUR...I don't need fancy shoes! Oooo annnnd the hair accessory was actually given to me at conference!!! I was all dressed and ready to leave for choir when Denae comes in the room with a bag from Charming Charlies and says, here, this is your Christmas present from your secret pal...sooooo I pull it out and was like AWWWWWW!!!! and the girls said that  I should wear that in my hair instead of the othedr thing and then they pinned it to my shirt annnnd yeah...anywayZ... I liked my outfit!!! HAHAHA!!!
lIKED this oUTFiT TOO!!! Im REALLY gettin into scarves now...they are just soooo idk...buuuut I loooove them!!!!
Seth and year anniversary!!! Last CC is when it ALL started!!! Aly was like soooooooo encouraging to us girls on the way there she was like, I wonder HOW MANY of YOU GIRLS will be married by next year?!?! I was like, sorry, I'm just NOT really feelin it!!! LOL! She just shook her head and said, "MARK MY WORDS MARY!!!" Okaaaaaaaaay I WILL!!! Next year, IF I'm still single I will pull this blog post up and say, SEE!!! Annnnnnd if NOT...weeeellll...I wouldn't really mind having to EAT MY WORDS!!! Hee, hee!!! ;) (She HAD to eat hers to me about SETH!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!)
This was just PURE talent...for all the Tommy loverrrrs out there!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
Awwwwww buuuuut they look soooooooooooo CUUUUUUTE!!!! All matching and everything...Im gonna cry...NOT!!! I'll just PURRRRRR!!! ;)
Mary, Mary and Melissa!!! MY GIRLS!!!
This sweet girl that I matched from Vegas!!!
Me and Jac!!! Awwww I luverrrrs her!!!
Mary-Mary...the Apostolic singing group to come!!!!
Seth and Alyssa's special anniversary dessert...made by Cara and PJ....LOL!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd thats THE END OF CONQUROR'S CONFERENCE 2012!!! It was AWESOME....annnnnnnd I am kind curious as to HOW many of these couples will be together, MARRIED (Or broken up...LOL;) or talkin to different people BY NEXT YEAR!!! If you didn't MISSED OUT!!! Shame on you Arizonans that didn't go!!! LOLOLOL!!! The services were soooooooooooooo AMAZING!!! get the preaching if you can!!!
♥Mary Frances :)