Friday, January 4, 2013


Soooooooo I was playin with my gwappo lil nephew Jose a few weeks ago at my mom's house and I was jus talkin to him and stuff annnnnnd then I leaned over to MY MOM and said to him, "Jose, this is MY MOMMY!!!" 
He was like NOOOOO!!! Thats NOT your mommy!!! Thats GRANDMA!!! I was like, "No, Grandma is MY MOMMY!!!" He is like NO SHE IS NOT!!! Grandma is MY GRANDMA!!!" Sooooooo I tried to explain it to him, I'm like Jose, you no how YOUR MOMMY has baby Jullianna in her tummy? he is like, YES! I'm all like WEEEEEELLLL...when I was a baby I was in GRANDMA'S tummy!!! He was like, NO YOU WERN'T!!! (My brother Joe, his daddy was like, Okaaaaaay MARY!!! That right there is YOUR PROBLEM!!! He is having difficulty in his 3-year-old mind, TRYING to imagine YOU, ever small enough to fit into ANYONE'S stomach!!!!" )(Har, har! LOL) 
He was just sooooooooo insistent!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! Grandma is NOT your Mommy Aunt Mary!!! Soooooooo finally I was like, Well Jose, If Grandma isn't my mommy, THEN WHO IS my mommy????
He gave me the biggest, darkest glare, then WITHOUT even hesitating he says, AUNT THERESA IS YOUR MOMMY!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just busted up laughing, then I was like, You really think that Aunt Theresa is MY MOMMY??? He just smiled sweetly now and said, YES! She is!!! OMW I guess in his lil mind it makes sense...I live with her, I ride with her, I come with her annnnnnnnnd she tells me what to do annnnnnnnnnnnn I LISTEN!!! Bahahaha...I guess when it comes to the bossin around and listenin part that means my younger brother John is MY DAD then!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)