Sunday, January 6, 2013

Embracing it!!!

Soooooooooo I saw this big O car yesturday at PV MALL just cracked me up!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! annnnnnnnnnd
I juuuuuuust HAD to take a picture in front of it!!!

White trash...its kinda an INSIDE joke with a loooooooong story behind it!!! You can read PART of how it started HERE!!! LOLOLOL Any wayZ, I was like OMW what a COOL CAR!!! I would soooooooooo LOOOOOVE that for picking up Sunday School kids...SEE LOOK it has THREE DOORS on EACH SIDE!!! THEN I thought about trying to SWITCH LANES IN TRAFFIC annnnnnnd I was like okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay NEVER MIND!!! Bahahaha!!!
Then TODAY I went and got a VANILLA SPICE Frapp from Starbucks....soooooooooo NOW I feel like I'm REALLY embracin my Ethnicity!!! I gotta say tho...Carmel and Chocolate is just BETTER tasting...TO ME!!! Jus sayin!!! ;) 
Sooooo YEAH...I'm REALLY proud of myself cuz I been EMBRACIN my ethnicity the last couple of days...NOW all I gotta do is go to Bath and Body works and get me some WARM VANILLA SUGAR LOTION...WOOT, WOOT!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)