Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Ginty Christmas!!!

Weeeeellll i decided that I MUST blog about my Christmas!!! It was a LOOOOOONG and FUNNNNN celebration!!! See, I've discovered that I am a VERY FESTIVE person...I know...BIG surprise right??? Soooo of course there are a few things I forgot to add on here...LIKE our ladies cookie exchange and bringing cookies to our neighbors...buuuuut heeeey this post is LONG ENOUGH!!! LOL! 
Sooooooooooo MJ was the WHALE in her class Christmas pagent....
AnywayZ, sooooooo Saturday night before Christmas we went and picked Layna to spend the night annnnnnnnnnd we got the kiddos Krispy Kreme for breakfast, WHICH YOU KNOW meant hyperness for church...LOL...
Sooooo she spent the WHOLE day with us and we partied it out!!!! Then we gave her some presents!!! I got her Candy Land cuz YOU KNOW every kid NEEDS that game!!! HA! Then my sis and MJ gave her this adorable lil doll!!! Actually, I had talked my sis into buying it for MJ for Valentines day cuz it was this beautiful chocolate baby doll annnnnd okaaaaaaaaaaay HONESTLY I was kinda wantin it for myself EXCPET that at ALMOST 30, I think that I am OFFICIALLY TO OLD FOR BABY DOLLS!!! *Sigh! Sooooo T said that MJ had ENOUGH stuff she was getting and that Layna should have it!!! 
I could tell she really, really, REALLY liked it!!! Annnnnnnnnd she even named the baby after me!!! Soooo... There is a lil chocolate baby doll named after ME now...Awwwww!!!!
Me and LAYNA!!! Love MY GIRL!!! 

For an early Christmas gift my mom let me have her lil rag doll...ANOTHER doll to scare ANALI with...she is scared of ALL dolls in wasn't cuz the doll was black...just to clarify...LOL!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay now....MOVING ON TO CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER!!!
Soooooooooo its an Italian tradition EVERY year to eat all kinds of fish on Christmas Eve!!! 
Which is just DISGUSTING!!! LOLOLOL! EVERY year I walk in annnnnd say OH WOW!!! It smells sooooooo NASTY in here!!! LOL Cuz I HATE SEAFOOD!!! 
Actually tho, I ate some shrimp this year...I mean fried, breaded and dipped in LOTS of cocktail sauce they aren't to bad!!! LOL!!!
This is the lingunie that has crab sauce on it....YUCK...unless you like crabs...its like a HUGE treat then!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
This is the eggplane parmesan...which WAS absolute deliciousness...I was really lookin forward to eatin leftovers...THEN the pan dropped...I didn't do it buuuuuuuuuut EVERYONE says that TECHNICALLY it was MY FAULT!!! WHATEVERRRR!!! 
Lobster tails...DOUBLE ECK!!! EWWWW!!! LOL
Sooooo the funniest part of the evening to me was that I was sooooooooo proud of myself for eating some SHRIMP...LIKE OMW!!! Annnnnd I was announcing to my family that i had ACTUALLY eaten SHRIMP and my dad says, "Oh Mary, YOU DON'T EAT SEAFOOD???" AHAHAHAHHA!!!! i was like OMW!!! Where has he been for the LAST 29 Christmas Eves???  It just kept making me laugh!!!  
Then being the amaZingly wonderful auntie that I am, I brought the kids into my room and let them we jumped on my bed together!!! LOL! (There is NO sheets on my bed cuz I was changin and washin them before Anali got here!)
Sooooooooooo btw: THANK You to EVERYONE that sent me a Christmas card!!! Sorry I didn't send any back...BUUUUUT remember you can get one HERE!!! LOL! 
THEN the Friday before Christmas I brought my niece over to Jac's apartment and she had the boys she watches and we attended a gingerbread house making party!!! It was sooooo much FUNNNN!!!
I helped Ethan make his house and was really proud of my lil snowman I made out of cotton candy!!! Awwww he was soooooo CUUUUUUTE!!! 
Ethan proudly displays  his looks like a cute lil outhouse to me!!! 
Ethan, MJ and Cameron!!! 
Okaaaaaaaaaaay now this was the day I gave my niece and nephew their Christmas presents!!! About a week or so early!!! 
I gave them IDENTICAL puppies in which MJ named hers Sprinkles and Jose named his Donut!!! 
Sooooooo MY FAVORITE tradition on Christmas is making HOMEMADE PASTA!!! Like from scratch and EVERYTHING!!!
Idk that any of us kids are into it as much as ME!!! I would say its me and my mom that keep it going every year!!! LOL! I'm really good at kneeding out dough!!! :)

Annnnnnnnnd this pasta is absolute deliciousness!!! Anali and Daisy BOTH got to try some this year during their visit!!! 
My sis is REALLY into it...LOL
The NEWLYWEDS...BOTH couples really wanted to get in on being a Ginty I guess!!! LOL! We'll see if they STILL help make them NEXT YEAR!!! Cuz neither of my brothers have helped in YEARS!!! :P
Look at these two couples making pasta...
"Jus sayin!" LOLOLOL

MJ and my mom cutting up LOTSA garlic together...its an ITALIAN thing!!! ;) 
Italian CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!! YUM!!! Hanna, Anali and Jen Connell....have you tried yours yet???
Sooooooooo WHO all did the JCP button cupons???
I ended up with 13 email accounts annnnnd some AWESOME STUFF!!!
Here is just SOME of my JCP loot I got with my cupons!!! My favorite is my hot pink- plaid betsyville purse I got for FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

MJ in her Sunday Christmas dress alll dolled up annnnnnnnnd BEAUTIFUL!!!!

MJ on Christmas morning all ready to head to grandma's...LOOOOOOVE the outfit she put together!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!
Jose and MJ in their Christmas hats from Aunt Grace and Uncle Dude!!!
Ooooooooooo soooo I wanted this Hello Kitty purse for like EVERRRR....welll...since the summer time!!! Buuuuuuuuuut it was $50 bucks and OMW even tho I coulda afforded to buy it...I just could NOT get myself to spend that much money on a PURSE!!!  Sooooooooo my big sis got it for me for CHRISTMAS!!! Awwwwwwwww!!! 
She also got me a Hello Kitty sweater in which i'm wearin in the picture!!!
annnnnnnnnnnnnnd this is ALL my loot that I got!!! 
My mom gave me four different unique flavors of gourmet coffee...MJ gave me a REAL Coach ID and card holder...its the first REAL COACH thing I have owned!!! Emphasis on REAL COACH...BAHAHA!!! John & Liz gave me a cute plaid purse, Joe and Jewel gave me a AppleBees gift card, Abe and Grace gave me a Starbucks gift card!!! Ash from church that I watch gave me a really waaaaaaaaaay cute purse and a zebra coffee much with a mirror on it...soooo ME...LOL...Jac gave me a bling-bling key chain for my purse that says FRANCES annnnnnnnnd sjhe said if my future husband doesn't aprove it she won't be offeneded if I have to take it off!!! AHAHAHA!!! She also gave me this really exotic, ruffly scarf that you have seen me wearing in lotsa pics...she was like OH I hope that you don't mind that its from Savers!!! I'm like KNOW I could care less WEAR it came from...IF its cute!!! ;) LOL besides, I got YOURS from a YARD SALE!!! :P  Sooooooo yes, I was really BLESSED with lotsa presents!!! :) 
THEN my Christmas night ENDED with Anali coming in!!! She got to sample ALL the cookin and I took a pic and said I was going to send it to Hanna...I asked her if there was ANYTHING she wanted me to tell Hanna annnnnnnnnnd she said...
"Just tell Hanna that I can't think of ANYTHING to say because I am TO BUSY EATING GOOD FOOD!!!" BAHAHAHA!!! WOW... Gotta LOVE Anali!!! 
All in all it was a wonderfully-FUNNN and VERY blessed season!!! 
♥Mary Frances :) .