Saturday, January 26, 2013

I miss Hanna Kifle!!!

Sooooo I was holding baby Ciatta Wednesday night during service annnnd I was getting soooo distracted by her hair!!! Lol!!! I just kept pulling her lil curls and watching them bounce!!! Haha I know... I'm easily amused...but when you hav hair as straight as mine... The curls are just soooo cuuuute annnnnnd boingy!!!
Which made me think that Hanna really needs to come to AZ for a visit like ASAP!!! Cuz she has the awesomest curls for boinging and bouncing!!! Sometimes Anali will text me and let me know that I should be jealous cuz she is bouncing Hanna's curls!!! I'm like that is soooo not fair cuz I wAnna be BOINGING them!!!