Saturday, January 26, 2013

My opinion on men's clothing!!!

Soooooo I really like all these clothes for men!!! Haha!!! I was walkin through the men's clothes today at Dillard's to take the lil girls to the ladies room annnnnd I was like oooo I like some of these ties..., and shirts so I started snappin pics and thought ima do a post in case there are any men out there that 1. ACTUALLY read my blog! 2. ACTUALLY value my oppinion!!! 3. Annnnnd can ACTUALLY afford to buy non-clearance clothing from Dillard's!!!
I really wouldn't mind helpin some guys pick out their clothes!!! Haha!! I'de be like okaaaaaY ... Noooo that is to blah and boring...naw that's kinda ugly... Okaaaay that's PANSY lookin... YES!!! This right here is an AWESOME tie!!! Very manly but still NON boring!!! Lololol