Friday, January 11, 2013

Starbucks laughs!!!

Sooooo i'm sitting here at Starbucks and I just totally busted up laughing!!! This group of boys ranging from the ages of 11-13 come walking in!!! They are just like grinning at each other like, they are sooooooo COOOOOL to be at STARBUCKS...WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS!!!!
The first boy goes up to the barrista and says, Do you have a Virgin Pina Colada?! She is like, A WHAT??? He is like a VIRGIN PINA COLADA?!?! She just looks at him like he has lost his mind and shakes her head NOOOOOOOO!!!! It was soooooo funnnnny!!! Like helllllooooo this is STARBUCKS, they sell coffee...NOT A BAR!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Annnnnnd then you could tell that it was totally their first time ordering by themselves when the one boy ordered a frapp and then he was like, Ummmmmmm can you like SUPER SIZE IT for me?!?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Aaaaahhhhh the days of innocence...Sadly, I don't think I remember NOT knowing how to order a Starbucks drink!!! LOLOL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)