Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday!!!

Happy 60th birthday to MY MOM!!!
The world's GREATEST mom!!! I thank God for a STRONG mother, that has been a Godly example to me that living for God isn't always easy but you STICK it out NO MATTER WHAT!!! She has shown me what it is to be FAITHFUL! My mom is REAL...she don;t even know how to be fake...LOL...ooooo and she NOW has an now she can READ my blog!!!
My mom don't even got NO GRAYS yet!!! Weeeeellll hardly!!! ;)

My mom is the BEST cook EVERRR!!! Seriousley, sometimes when I eat other people's food i'm just like, OH sooooooooo THATS why they don't have a weight problem!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

My mom is PROUD to be an ITALIAN!!!
She LOVES her family!!!

Don't MESS with my mom!!! So back in the day, in my mom's young, single and BEFORE Christ days, when she still lived in NYC, her and her best friend, who was black saw (An Italian chic+a black girl+ BOTH NEW YORKERS=TROUBLE!!! LOL)  Joe D' Maggio, who i guess is a famous baseball player. So my mom and her saw him and they were like ESTATIC! So they begged him for his autograph! Well he refused! 
My mom says that he was NOT a friendly person and he just brushed them a way, like he was TOO GOOD, and didn't have time for them! Weeeeellll that did NOT set well with MY MOM and her friend! Sooooo MY MOM proceeded to tell this famous man off!!! She says that she just told him, YOU KNOW, I don't know WHO you think you are buuuuut if it wasn't for your FANS you wouldn't be anything!!! Your fans are the ones that made you famous!!! She said and PLUS you don't seem to mind all of us people when we're eating at YOUR resturaunt!!! 
So he I guess he thought about what my said cuz he grudgingly gave them each  his autograph...In which MY MOM proceeded to sell!!! She said WHY she want a rude person's autograph??? AHAHAHAHA!!! Niiiiiiice MOM!!! Get a famous person's autograph and then SELL IT!!! AWSOMENESS sounds like something I would do!!!
Here is your crown MOM!!! LOVE YOU!!!
♥Mary Frances :)