Tuesday, February 19, 2013

McDonalds Ghettoliciousness!!!

A place that frequent QUITE often is McDonald's!!! Yes, basically like three days a week...NO i'm not eating there...I take my niece and her friend there to eat and play, cuz I watch them three afternoons a week annnnnd they seem to NEVER get tired of going there...they just BEG me to take them there and at first I would get kinda bored...buuuuuuut THEN I got an iPhone...AHAHAHA...annnnnd THEN it clicked with me...FREE WIFI I can take my lap top there...ANNNNND WRITE!!! Cuz pretty much...thats what I LOVE TO DO...seriousley...I never  run out of ideas or get bored with writing!!! 
Soooooo I've felt rather GHETTO...when I pull out my lap top with a regular key board attached and then a regular mouse attached, I have all these attachments cuz my hands get squishy pretty easily and I hate hitting the wrong keys and there is NO WORSE feeling then when  and my screen is all bigger and old school compared to the NEWER laptops and these days everyone just has an iPad that they are on...buuuuuuut I'm just like WHATEVERRR...(I'm gettin an iPad SOON!)  for now my laptop DOES its job!!! HAHA!!!
AnywayZ, the other day i'm in McDonald's and I LOOK over annnnnnnnd this man is sitting there at a booth with a FULL BLOWN COMPUTER!!!! I was like OMW is this for realZ??? I did a double take... and SHO NUFFF... this man had brought a...
Buuuuuut heeeeey FREE WIFI PEOPLE!!! 
AHAHAHAHA!!! I coudn't stop laughing!!! I was just like, OH WOW!!! It was a REALLY nice computer too....I'm just like...Okaaaaaaay...bring your REALLY EXPENSIVE APPLE desk top to McDonald's and get THAT FREE WIFI!!!!
Ooooo annnnnnnd THEN...I'm like walking out of the McDonald's with the girls and I see this older looking lady playing a game of cards and I'm walking by and I see that she is playing the card game WAR and i'm just kinda watching cuz I remember playing this game back in the day...its been YEARS...buuuuut I'm pretty good at it!!! 
Sooooooo i'm watching her play and she is like SOOOOOOOOO into it...so i'm trying to see who she is playing with before I walk out the door, but I can't see them so I'm like Oh it must be like one of her grand kids or something so I can't see them cuz they're smaller and she is blockin my view...so then she kind of moves and I'm LOOKING to see, buuuuuut I still can't see the person she is playing with and i'm squinting and LOOKING and STARING annnnnnnnnnnnnd...YES people, it was just a very INTENSE card game with HERSELF!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!
I was like, Okaaaaaaaaay girls...ENOUGH McDonald's for TODAY!!! Lets GO!!!! LOLOLOL!!! It just amaZes me how GHETTOLICIOUS McDonalds is!!! I mean, its NOT like it was in the HOOD, we're talking about PARADISE VALLEY...NOT GLENDALE!!! Heh, heh!!! :) Buuuuut I guess ghettoness, just ATTRACTS ghettoness....WHEREVER IT IS!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)