Friday, February 8, 2013

My blog annnnd Culvers!!! :)

Sooooooo this past Sunday night was just cRaZy AWESOME!!! This is what happened!!! The first Sunday of every month our church only has one service now, sooooo we got permission from our pastor for this past Sunday to head on over to the Glendale church for evening service...cuz ya LPC girls are just EXTRA spiritual like that!!! ;) 
Well, after a really AWESOME church service, Jac, Daisy and I were socializing and deciding on who and where we were going to go out to eat with! Soooooo we were SUPPOSED to go to Texas Roadhouse with a big group of people, buuuuuut after MUCH confusion and NOTHING that had to do with me...LOL...we ENDED up at Culvers with the Duncans...I FINALLY FIGURED OUT ROBBY'S brother's name!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I PROMISE I'll NEVERRRR FORGET this time!!! (Its Steven, right?! ;) 
Sooooooo we're sitting there eating our food joking around with each other and we notice another group of Apostolic-lookin young people walk in!!! So everyone is TRYING to figure out who's church they are from and I'm like, ya know I don't reconize like ANYONE from the group...annnnnd I pretty much know at least ONE person from EVERY Apostolic/Pentecostal church in Arizona...JUS sayin...I DO!!! LOL!!!
Buuuuuut of course, YOU ALL know ME...this is NOT gonna stop me from talking to them and finding out where they are from!!! LOL!!!  Sooooo some of the girls were walking by and i'm like HEEEEEEEEEY!!! Are you all Apostolic??? So the girls are like, "No, we're just non-denominational Christians!" Sooooo i'm like oh okaaaaaay...
Buuuuuut i'm mean, its quite aparent to me that they believe in can just tell...they don't look worldly, no make up, skirts, LOOOOOONG hair...buuuuut NOT like in an Amish-Homely sort of way...HAHA!!! Soooooooooo i'm like, Oooooo buuuuut you all believe in Holiness RIGHT??? So they're like, yes annnnd soooo i'm like, OH YEAH...WOOOOO FOR HOLINESS!!! or something like that and everyone laughs!!!
Sooooo they go and sit down and I'm just thinkin in my mind, YOU SHOULD GIVE THEM A CARD FOR  YOUR BLOG!!! They would probabley ENJOY reading it...cuz I mean...WHO doesn't right??? ;) Soooooo i'm going to get a card out of my purse and then I remembered I had switched purses...awwwww MAN!!!  Bummmmmer!!!
Weeeeellll then the rest of the night goes by and I just like forget about it!!! We go outside and our lil group is standing around talkin and takin pics and the other youth group walks out! So we all like smile and wave at each other, say bye and God bless!!! Then one of the guys, walks himself into the handicap parking sign, on purpose and bonks his head and we all start laughing...
Soooooo AGAIN...I think to myself...YOU SHOULD GIVE THEM ALL A CARD FOR YOUR BLOG!!! Buuuuuut then I remember AGAIN...Oh yeah I don't have any!!! Ooooo buuuuut then I remembered I had ONE in my Bible I was using as a book marker!!! So I dig in my purse for my Bible...
So I get it out and I run over to them and I'm like holding up my card,  Im like HEEEEY! I hav a blog, Classic Mary Moments,  you guys should check it out! Annnnnd I'm thinkin like, okaaaaaaaaay they're sooooo gonna think i'm a total weirdo right?! But before I could even explain myself any further this girl in the group was like, "ACTUALLY, I ALREADY read your blog!!! I was like, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? Then I was like oh she is probabley joking, so i'm like SERIOUSLEY??? And she is like, YES!!! I really do!!!
And her whole group was like, NO, she really does!!! And she saw you and was like telling us, I read that girls blog! And she really wanted to come over and tell me but felt awkward! Buuuut I was like, Nuh, uh you guys are JUST JOKING...this is to weird...and the girl was like, NO like I even know, your name is Mary right!? So i'm like, well yeah, buuuut I had just told them my blog was Classic Mary Moments so maybe they just knew it from that! So i'm like ok well like, tell me something else about me then!!
Soooo the girl is like, okaaaaay this is gonna sound really weird buuuut like, You have a black baby or something!!! Sooooo our whole group busts up laughing and  I was like, Okaaaaaaay REALLY DO READ my blog!!! THEN I gave her, her FIRST Mar Bear hug!!! LOL
This is Lydia and I...
Daisy says that I JUST WISH I had black baby!! HAHAHA!!! I'm all like yeah, I just work with African kids but I don't actually have any kids of my own!!! HAHA!!! Soooo everyone is like kinda freakin out like, OMW this is sooooo WEIRD!!! annnnd we're all like takin pics and stuff and singing its a small world...and we're all just like goofing off and talking together! 
And this one girl, Megan, was like, OK, I'm blond, buuuuut i'm NOT BLOND! And Kevin is just kinda like eggin her on like, Wait soooo your NOT blond? And she is like, well no I am blond buuuut i'm NOT BLOND!!! and it was funny cuz she was trying to say I have blond hair but I'm not ditzy, but the way she was saying it was just making her sound REALLY BLOND!!! 
Soooooo Robby is like, Oh you sound just like a girl from my church named Mary...that just really sounds like her right now!(Sorry MARY-Elizabeth...aparently Robby thinks your a can battle that one out with him!!! LOL) Sooooo this guy in the group named...

 Also the guy who bashed his head on the handicap parking sign, Steven was like, WAIT! Do you mean MARY BAFFORD??? Soooo we're all like, YES! annnnnd he's like, I WORK WITH HER at Chick-fil-A!!! ANNNND Everyone is just like WHAAAAAAAAT??? 
Now both groups are just like, THIS is SOOOOOO WEIRD!!! Then everyone starts singing its a small world again!!! I was just thinkin like WOW!!!  It was really cool!!! and like then we were hanging out with them still just goofing off and then the girl that had originally read my blog was like, You know, I think I also saw you a while ago at Raising Cains! 
And I was like OMW!!! YES!!! That was all the way back in June after one of the Old Time Camp Meeting services!!! I remember cuz that is the ONLY time I have ever been there and I remember seeing a group of Apostolic-looking young people there...buuuut NONE of us all broke the ice and talked to each other!!! 

 And the lil-short-dynammite-comes-in-small-packages-with the really long hair says she works at that Culvers...the one by Metro...she said you everyone should come say HI to her!!! Tell her you saw her on CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!! LOL!!! Annnnnnd she says she IS SINGLE TOO!!! Woot!! Woot!!! ;) 
Soooooooo Holiness-Lovin young people...Hopefully we get to see you all soon...I'm glad I listened to that lil God whisper in my head and gave you all a card for my blog and glad we all got to mee!!! Next time we go to Glendale maybe we'll run into each other again!!! NOW you all BETTER be reading my blog...YOUR POST IS UP!!! You all thought I had forgotten about you all DIDN'T YOU??? Weeeeellll...I DIDN'T!!! Tell all your friends and stuff...Keep IN TOUCH!!!
GOD BLESS!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)
(AKA- Mar Bear;)
Jesus, you are the joy in my EVERYTHING!!!
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