Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Only a mom!!!

Sooooo for the last little while MONAE has been bugging me to SING with her at church! So I was like, Oh girl i dont sing!!! She is like WHATEVER, you sang at Conqueror's Conference this year...I was like Oooo yeah...YOU WERE THERE!!! AHAHA!!! So she wanted to sing this really HARD and COMPLICATED song that Sheree sings...annnnd I was just like okaaaaaaaay i'm SORRY buuuuuuut that song is TO HARD for ME to sing!!! I'll sing with you BUUUUUUUT it HAS to be an EASY, SIMPLE SONG!!! 
Sooooooooo THEN we decided to throw Jac's Niece Aurora into the mix....
and we FINALLY decided on singing, "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand" Soooooooo Monae asks Pastor if it is ok for us to sing that and he says, Yes, JUST to make sure we PRACTICE and NO GIGGLING!!! Sooooo we HAD planned on practicing with Sis. Susan before church but church started before we actually got to her! So I was just like OH well I guess that means we're NOT singing tonight!!!
WRONG!!! The memo NEVERRRR got to the song leader that we hadn't practiced and we got called up!!! I was like OMW!!! WHAAAAAAAAT???? And like the WHOLE church was laughing which was making me REALLY laugh!!! Sooooo we tell Sis. Susan what we're singing , she starts playing the music and I'm like, "I can't even walk..." Annnnnnnnnnnd those TWO...
Monae and Aurora start in unison on SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...which made ME look like I had NO idea what we were singing...which at the moment... I DIDN'T!!! Soooooooooo I just like STOP right there and am like, WHAAAAAAAT are we singing??? They're like, YOUR SONG!!! I'm like, okaaaaay well thats NOT IT!!! Now EVERYONE is REALLY LAUGHING!!! AHAHAHA!!!
So we start over again and pretty much EVERYONE on the platform HELPED US SING!!! LOL!!! Buuuut yeah...my voice was waaaaaaaaay MORE OFF then usual cuz I was like trying soooooooooooo HARD to hold back laughter!!! 
So this past Sunday Morn I said to Monae...soooooo...You got that singing out of your system now?!?! She's like OH YES!!! HAHAHA!!! Then Sunday night she's like, Mary, we need to sing together again!!! I'm like WHAAAAAAAAT??? She's like, yeah lets PRACTICE this time!!! I'm like, NO WAY!!! Do you NOT recall the LAST TIME WE SANG??? She's just like, YOUR SINGING, so lets start practicing!!!
This is a text message between me and my mom from the night we sang...
Awwwwwwwww I looooove MY MOM!!! She is sooooooo the best!!! She'll ALWAYS have her kids backs!!! I mean, I could FALL OFF THE PLATFORM, (Read HERE!)and she'd be like, did you see MY GIRL?!?! NOBODY CAN, FALL OFF THE PLATFORM, LIKE MY GIRL CAN!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Annnnnnnnnnnd TRUST ME, ONLY A MOM, could compliment on THAT SINGING!!! LOLOLOL!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)