Monday, February 25, 2013

Introduction time!!!

Soooooooo I REALIZED that you all haven't OFFICIALLY met someone yet!!! Weeeeellll i think its TIME!!! Allow for me to introduce to YOU...
Monae started coming to our church with her mom back in I think October sometime and it was the Moreland's that met them and were bringing them! Soooo Monae kind of came sometimes...kinda...and when she DID come she was kinda quiet...ACTUALLY REALLY QUIET!!! LOL Sooooo I mean I didn't really think MUCH of her coming but then around CC time I thought oh maybe that one chick...I couldn't even remember her name...should come to CC...I mean I know she is only 12 buuuuuut maybe it'll help her get involved and get to know everyone
So I called my pastor's wife, and asked her about Monae coming...and she said she would talk to Pastor about it. So then she told me later that day, that yes her husband she said that she was going to talk to our youth leaders about it and stuff, buuuuuuut she said since she was waaaaaaay under age I needed to be the ADULT in her room...LOL...soooo I was like, yeah SURE whatever...NO BIG DEAL!!! I mean I'm thinkin in my mind...this chick is like REALLY quiet ANYWAYS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooooooooo WHEN Monae left for conference she WAS REALLY QUIET...buuuuut...she came out of her shell REALLY quick!!! As I told her, WHEN she LEFT for the conference, she didn't have her BLACK GIRL ATTITUDE on....buuuuuuuuuut she packed it in her BAG!!! Annnnnd as SOON as she got COMFORTABLE with everyone, which was less then 24 hrs...she UNPACKED that BLACK GIRL ATTITUDE and started wearing!!! 
Weeeeelllllll AT Conquer's Conference, MONAE GOT THE HOLY GHOST!!! Annnnd she was soooo STUBBORN about praying OH MAN!!! she wanted to pray buuuuuuut...she didn't want people seeing her, she didn't want to raise her hands...she said she was scared...we would try to explain to her she doesn't have to be scared and she's like, WHAT do you mean, I don't need to be SCARED??? I BE SPEAKING IN A LANGUAGE I DON'T know??? THATS WEIRD!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!Buuuuuuuuuut When she FINALLY lifted up her hands and SURRENDERED herself to God.... she started SPEAKING IN TONGUES as the spirit of God gave the utterance...just like it happened in Acts 2!!! It was sooooo AWESOME!!! Annnnnd NOW she's a TONGUE TALKER TOO...just like the rest of us WEIRDOS!!! ;D
Soooooooooooo it was probabaley by the second day of conference, we're all getting ready for church and Monae, she just LOOKS at me that day and she says, "You know what I'm starting to get the FEELING about YOU GIRL?!?!!" I'm like, "WHAT?" She's like, "I'm starting to get the FEELING, that...
Soooooo it just got kind of quiet in the room and THEN everyone was like, DUH!!! Soooo I was Uh YEAH, your just now NOTICING that??? This is like a known and established fact by like EVERYONE!!! She just looks at me and she is like, "GIRRRRL! What is WRONG WITH YOU???  There is something NOT RIGHT WITH YOU!!! You got ISSUES!!!!!" (Yes, I do, ISSUES that God put in me when I was just a lil girl!) AHAHAHAHA!!! 
Buuuuuuuut despite my ISSUES...when we got BACK from CC she was sitting next to me at church!!! My sis said she LOVES how I am basically just Monae's leaning post during church...ALLOW me to rest my elbow on you....yeah sure Monae...just make yourself COMFORTABLE!!!Buuuuut NOW she is STUCK with ME cuz her Momma asked me to be Monae's mentor!!! Sooooo sorrrrry GIRRRRL your stuck with the cRaZiEsT white chick EVERRR!!! (Purrrrrrrr;) 
♥Mary Frances :)