Monday, February 4, 2013

Taking Daisy around!!!

Sooooooooo my friend Daisy Velez, (Yes people this IS Joe's lil sister! LOL!;)  LEFT AZ today and is back home!!! :( miss her already!!! Buuuuuuuut while she was here I took her around to different places that she has never been to or that they don't have in her hometown of ROSWELL...yes...the ALIEN CITY!!!! HAHA!!! Noooo really people, don't get the WRONG impression...its a LOVELY place, where alien head lamps line main street and there is an alien museum annnnnnnnnd the hippy chic store SERIOUSLY sell the coolest accessories!!! I actually had a lot of fun exploring the place while I was there...YES REALLY PEOPLE!!! You all should go!!! 
AnywayZ, Daisy wanted to explore life beyond aliens a little!!! And since I had been feeding Daisy all week annnnnd NOT eating my own cooking...cuz I'm still working on the whole weight loss thing...I mean don't get me wrong...I WAS EATING...just healthy...LOL and Daisy said she felt weird me takin her around to try stuff and just watching her eat...I SACRIFICED for Daisy and took a splurge day!!! HAHA!!!
.Sooooooo our first never been to place was Rainbow donuts...which I think they have THE BEST donuts EVERRRR!!! If you haven't been here you all NEED to go!!! There is one right off of 40th street and thunderbird
 annnnnd don't worry people, its called RAINBOW cuz the owners are from MAUI!!! Not cuz they're like...ya know...LOL! Buuuuut Daisy doesn't think they are as good as Krispy Kreme which i'm just like okaaaaaaay WHATEVERRR!!! Get the Apple fritter or the plain round donut with chocolate frosting...mmmmmmm!!! 
.Next I took her to See's chocolate...mainly cuz I was like  ya know what...IF im gonna splurge I WANTA MY CHOCOLATE!!! 
.Annnnd we all know Sees is THE BEST!!! (Plus they give free samples! So if you buy one piece of chocolate its like half price kinda...LOL) 
Then we went to the food court at PV mall which pretty much 2 for one...cuz all should see the MALL in Roswell...its like REALLY FUNNY!!! AnywayZ, she got her some Panda Express cuz they don't got that!!!
.Then that night we went to Gelato Spot cuz WE ALL KNOW that they have THE BEST Ice cream EVERRRR!!! My reccomendations ARE the salted carmel, Bacio, which is chocolate hazelnut and Btw- in case you were wondering, Bacio means 'Kiss' in Italian!!! 
THEN we went to get gas at AM PM...cuz I know they have gas stations in Roswell...buuuuuuuut... I don't know IF they have they have as AMAZING gas attendents there...heh, heh!!! ;)  and I was like, oooo YOU HAVE to come in and see the guy that asked me out while paying for gas and also gives me LOVE ADVICE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Soooooooooooooo she came in for a LOOK...and when we walked out I was like, Okaaaaaaaaay sooooooooo NOW can you understand WHY i'm STILL SINGLE??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! She was like YES! MARY!!! I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!! 
.THEN we went to Costco, which they don't have in Roswell, buuuuuut they do have a SAM'S CLUB there annnnnnnnnnnd she got her beloved Chipolte Raspberry sauce there, which I guess I kinda got her hooked on!!! Its really good if you get like a wheat or grain cracker, spread it with cream cheese then you smear the sauce on which is like a sweet, tangy, slightly-spice flavor which is just BOMB!!! (Great apetizers people!!!) 
Then we went to Culvers, WHICH we all know is SIMPLY AMAZING!!! (even tho I just got a Diet soda!...Shout out to the Butter burger, and Wisconsin Cheese Curds that are over 600 calories for ONE SERVING...LOL) Annnnnd we had a GRAND time with friends there last night annnnnnnnnnnd...I'll be writing MORE about that SOON...shout out all ya all that KNOW what i'm talking about!!! 
♪Its a Small World After All!♪♪
Annnnnnnnnnnnd the most AMAZINGEST OF ALL places everrrr that I took Daisy to that they don't have in ROSWELL....YES THATS RIGHT...the GREATEST STORE EVERRRR!!!
♥Mary Frances :)