Saturday, February 23, 2013

The best DAY!!!

Soooo I want to tell you all about the BEST day EVERRR...well...ACCORDING TO...
 MJ and Ash!!!
Ronald McDonald came to McDonalds!!! Everyone was flipping out about it...EVEN the emplyees!!! LOL!  I was like OMW...this is what I consider FAMOUS!!! He got a pic with ME!!! He was like, WHAAAAT you want a picture with me...ALL FANCY??? 

I don't really consider THIS FANCY!!! I had my hair slicked back and up on my head...I personally thought I looked kind of HOMELY!!! LOL Buuuuuut its my CALI hair-do and all my Cali friends were HAPPY to see it LIKE THEM!!! Jen said something like, Oh now you can marry a California guy and be a Cali girl!!! I'm like buuuuuuuuuuuut I DON'T wanna marry a Cali guy...I WANNA be an ARIZONA HOTTIE foreveaaa!!!! HAHAHA!!! Anywayz, Ronald aproved of my outfit ANNNND MY HAIR!!! Ooooo heeeey how does Mary McDonald sound???? (Ummm...I hope there are NO guys that read this with that last name!!! If there is I have NOT everrrr heard of you...PROMISE!!! LOL;) 

Soooooooooo it hailed on Wednesday too!!! We all pretty much totally and completely FREAKED out at McDonalds...between the hail that looked like SNOW and Ronald...We were all off our ROCKERS!!! Ash was screaming out, THANK YOU JESUS!!! (For snow in Phx!) 
Even Ronald started freaking out when he saw the hail on the ground!!! LOL! He was like, I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS SNOWING! ARE WE IN PHOENIX AZ OR WHAAAAT????

Sooooooo I decided that I HAD to walk out to the parking lot and take a pic of my van covered in WHITE STUFF!!! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea when your wearing church flats!!!
Sooooooo I'm walking back with the girls annnnnd like ALL the McDonald's employees are standing outside just gazing in AWE of the HAIL...which we were all saying was SNOW!!! LOL annnnnnnd I'm walking one minute and the next minute...
BOOM!!! I go flying to the ground!!! HARD!!! All the McDonald's men gathered around me...VERY concerned, one guy wanted to help me up...I mean I could have gotten up FINE BY MYSELF...i'm USED to falling... buuuuuut I didn't want to be RUDE!! Then he was insistent on taking my hand and walking back with me inside to make sure I didn't fall again...which I felt AWKWARD about...Sooooo yeah...I held a guys hand on Wednesday...DON'T TELL was STRICTLY out of HIS concern for my safety...which was SWEEEET!!! LOLOLOL!!! Meanwhile, MJ and Ash were HYSTERICAL with laughter cuz I WOW!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Annnnd then all the McDonald's employees were sooooooo CONCERNED about my fall...I was like awwwww...HOW NICE...I mean...I'm kinda a clutz...soooo me and the ground are pretty close to each other!!! LOL Annnnd if i'm not falling on the ground i'm falling for a GUY...BAHAHAHA....see thats how we'll know he's THE ONE...the RIGHT guy will catch me WHEN I fall for him...NOT just let me get up on my own!!! HAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaay so anyways, back to the McDonald's emplayees, they were soooo concerned for me and kept askin how I was doing, then Ronald had them make me a chocolate dipped ice cream cone which...Looked really good, but I didn't want to go off my diet and eat....soooo I thanked them for it, cuz I didn't wanna be all rude and NOT take it...then when it got busy and they weren't looking I threw it out...annnnd the DIET WAS SAVED!!! LOL! 

Soooooooooo yeah...NO WINDOW =  RAIN AND HAIL allllll up in my van!!! Eeeeeeks!!! Soooo finally the hail melted and we drove home so I could change my, freezing, sopping wet church shoes to some BOOTS!!!! Annnnnnd the girls said that THIS was THE BEST DAY EVER!!! Seriousley, they were sooooo HAPPPPY!!! Their future husbands will have A LOT to compete with...I mean, Snow in Phoenix, Ronald McDonald and Mary falling in the parking lot...  try and BEAT THAT!!!LOL!!! Now this leaves me with just one question!!!
My insurance would believe me if I made a CLAIM for HAIL DAMAGE???
♥Mary Frances :)