Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Password issues!!!

Sooooo i keep having ISSUES with my password on my Apple ID...weeeeeellllll see the problem is that I KEEP FORGETTING what it is!!! I kept resetting it in as different guys names...ANNNNND in the moment when I would make it that guys name I think, I'll NEVERRR FORGET IT!!! I mean REALLY, I think this guy is SPECIAL, i'll NEVERRR forget about him!!! Buuuuut then two weeks later I can NOT remember who it was the last time I changed it...somewhere between all my crushes AND the CRUSH "Code" names... amnesia sets into my mind by the next time I want to buy an app!!! LOL
This time I decided to use the name of someone I REALLY will ALWAYS like!!!
Soooooooooo HOPEFULLY I do NOT forget my OWN NAME anytime soon!!!
♥Mary Frances :)