Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Soooooooo a couple of weeks ago my sister was talking to me...then the next day she says something to me about something that is going on and I'm like Ooooo your doing that?!?!?! She is like, MARY! That is what I was talking to you about last night and you were totally ACTING like you were listening to me!!! I was like OH..Ooooops!!!
THEN the next day I was telling her about something I was doing and she is like, I KNOW!!! I'm like HOW DID YOU KNOW??? She is like you already told me... I'm like OH!!! She is like ANNNNNND unlike SOME PEOPLE, I ACTUALLY LISTEN to people when they are TALKING!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaay you can't get mad at me for NOT remembering what you were saying...
When I OBVIOUSLEY don't even listen to...
♥Mary Frances :)