Sunday, March 10, 2013

Very excited!!!

So as you all know, in February I wrote a post for Singles week called Hide And Seek! It was probably my favorite thing that I wrote simply because I felt it the STRONGEST for my own self!!! Like I literally felt like God was talking to me and giving me revelation for my own life! Honestly you guys, I didn't even know WHAT I was going to write next, its like God literally was giving it to me as I wrote it, it was that SAME way with the post of "What you should look for in a spouse." like the ending on that...was literally GOD...he was just giving it to me as I wrote!!!
 I mean, I know that ALL MY writing and inspiration is a gift from God, cuz HONESTLY, if it was just me on my own, my writing that I would produce out of my mind would be NOTHING but, jelly beans, CHOCOLATE and some MORE...JELLY BEAN...heh, heh, heh, ;) so I know its ALL from God,  but sometimes when I'm writing its like even stronger, hard to explain...its like i have some of it thought out and planned in my mind...buuuuuuuut some of  it just HAPPENS!!! Its like, its ME, buuuuut like, THE HOLY GHOST takes over!!! Does that make sense???
AnywayZ, when I was done writing Hide and Seek, I really felt like I wanted to edit and make it BETTER ya know?! Like turning it into a work of art. Paint a picture with words! Soooooo I got out the theasorus which is basically my new bestie..seriousley...I LOVE THAT THING!!! And I did all this studying so that I write it really cool by looking up the different Godly attributes in men and woman and just made a good thing better...welll at least in my oppinion! 
I'm going to start doing this once a week, try to edit a devotional that I have already written and post it on my MaryFrancesWriting Blog!!! AnywayZ, the NEW Hide and Seek will be posted later today! Hope you all enjoy this! If any of you have a specific Devotional that you would like to see re-written and edited let me know! Ooooo annnnnd we got some GOOOOOD things in the makings for SINGLES week, which will start NEXT Sunday, one week from today!!! Sooooo GET READY and feel free to email me with jokes, ideas Etc..
♥Mary Frances :)