Friday, April 5, 2013


Soooooo I was at Kim's apartment a couple of weeks ago annnnnd...we pull in from a day of doing WHATEVERRR together annnnnnnnnd I see this iced coffee cup from McDonald's just chillin on the steps by her house. I'm like DUUUUUUUDE KIM your apartment complex is sooooooo GHETTO!!!
I came here on Monday and that cup was sitting RIGHT THERE on the steps, I came here on Wednesday and that cup was sitting RIGHT THERE on the steps, I come back here TODAY on FRIDAY annnnnnnd that cup is STILL CHILLIN...
RIGHT THERE on the same steps!!!
I'm like, you know what THAT MEANS KIM??? It means that your apartment complex is OFFICIALLY GHETTO!!! I mean really, its been sitting there for like a week now, i can't believe know ones thrown it away yet! Kim's like, I know right...then she starts laughing and says, its my cup too!!!
I was like, I KNEW IT!!! I sooooooo KNEW IT!!! I'm like annnnnnd its the iced coffee that I bought you last Saturday too, isn't it?!?! She's like, YUP!!! I'm like I was like thinkin and wondering EVERY TIME i've pulled in here this week, Is that the remains of the iced coffee I bought for Kim last Saturday?! ANNNNNNNNND OF COURSE I WAS SOOOOO RIGHT!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Gotta LUVERRRS that Kimmy Kat!!!
♥Mary Frances :)