Sunday, April 7, 2013

Me when I'm old!!!

Haven't you ALWAYS wondered WHAT you will look like as an old lady??? WEEEEEELLLL...I get to KNOW what I will look like! This is my great grandma! My dads grandma... My dads family says that I look just like her... I can't help but agree... the shape of her face, her pudgy cheeks, her nose, even the thin lips... oh and you can't see it but they said, like ME she also had a gap between her two front teeth...
Weird to look like someone that i have neverrr even gotten to meet!!! Soooo it's kinda cool to see what I will look like as an old lady!!!! Isn't she the cutest old lady?!?! I hope my hair turns beautiful SNOW WHITE like that too...Awwwww...I'm gonna be a such a cuuuuuute grandma!!! Can't wait!!!
♥Mary Frances :)