Sunday, May 26, 2013

Do we have to listen to our husbands???

This morning before church, one of the husbands at church was telling their wife to do something, the wife went and did exactly what her husband had been telling her to do! (We have very obedient wives at our church!;) So Monae, who is sitting next to me is like, "If your husband tells you to do something are you supposed to listen to him? I'm like, YEAH girrrrrl!(I mean so long as what he's telling you to do doesn't go against the Bible...duh!) I'm all, Its called, SUBMISSION! She's like Whaaaaaaaaaat???
Soooooooo your telling me, if MY HUSBAND tells me to go bake him some chicken, I gotta go bake him chicken?!?! I'm like, yeah I guess so! She's like, what if I don't wanna bake him chicken??? I'm like OH yeah you wanna fry your chicken don't you girrrrrl??? Ahahahaha!!! She's like, I wanna FRY MY CHICKEN, buuuuuut he can fry HIS OWN CHICKEN!!! 
LOLOLOL!!! she's like, I'm fo realz, I dont wanna have to do what my husband tells me to do!!! I'm like, 12, I don't think your going to have to worry about this for a loooooooong time!!! She laughs wickedly and says, yeah, buuuuuuuuut YOU WILL!!! I'm like weeeeeeellllll I might not have to worry about it for a while either buuuuuuut either way WHATEVERRR, cuz when its time BAKED OR FRIED...
I'm READY to cook his chicken!!!
♥Mary Frances :)