Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My own class!!!

Sooooo as I've been telling you all, my family had a HUUUUUGE surprise part for me this past Friday and I even had out of town friends that came in for it!!! Hanna and Anali from Cali and Joe and Daisy from New Mexico...WEEEEELLL this ended both nights in A LOT of LAUGHTER!!! Annnnnnnd Saturday night I felt the need to entertain everyone by pulling out my teenage diaries...OH YES...YOU WILL LAUGH...
Sooooooo We're all like HYSTERICAL laughing and then we started talking about who knows what and Hanna is like describing like how all her and Anali and Jen are in they're kindred friendship...Anali's the something and Jen's the whatever and she's blah, blah, blah, annnnnd I'm like Hanna what would you describe me as???
She pauses, thinks about it then says, Mary I don't even know HOW to describe you...
Your in a CLASS OF YOUR OWN!!!
AHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I'm like I KNOW!!! I SOOOOOOOO AM!!! I'm like in MY OWN CLASS, I'm the ONLY student annnnnnnnnd there...
♥Mary Frances :)