Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AMA Wednesday!!!!

Wednesday Morning...we woke up and REALIZED last year today would have been our LAST day together at camp!!! That woulda been like soooooo SAD!!! I told Bro. Andrew that afternoon when we were all hanging out and he was asking our oppinions on some stuff, KEEP THE EXTRA DAY!!! I know we had to pay EXTRA this year buuuuuuuut in my personal oppinion it sooooooo WORTH IT!!! Annnnnnnd EVERYONE in the group agreed!!! I told Bro. Andrew, YES I heard a lot of people complaining about the price raise, buuuuuuuuuut I TOLD HIM, all those people that were complaining about the price raise, have NEVERRR been to A Mountain Apart Camp!!! Annnnnnnnnnd WHO were the people that came this year??? Basically the SAME FAITHFUL HANDFUL of people that have gone EVERY YEAR annnnnnnnnd a FEW NEWBIES!!! Sooooo yeah...Puleeeeeze keep the EXTRA DAY!!! LOL!!!
Travis just TOTALLY enjoying his breakfast!!! AHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaay I think he is pretty much one of the ONLY campers that didn't like the food!!! LOL!
This is Emily again...she told me, my mom said that if I told you I liked your blog that you would probabley put me on there...So wanna get a picture of me??? AHAHAHA!!! I let her borrow some of my accessories, it was sooooooooo CUUUUUTE when she came walkin into church with my stuff on!!! I had to pause from my prayer to take a pic and when I did she put out her arms to pose and said;

Then she got out my lil Bible and started reading it...I was like awwww...Yeah...I hope she gets more from ME then just cute accessories and posing for pictures!!!! LOL!!!
Bro. Frazier greeting the congergation...the Fraziers were a new family that came to campe this year...they were from ummmm...I can't remember...I wanna say like Wyoming or something like that???
This is Keri Frazier...not sure of spelling....anywayz I knew that I was gonna like her cuz the first day she met me she asked me my age and I said, GUESS annnnnnd she said, ummmmm I don't know like 18??? Which caused me to basically scream and I then informed her that I was ALMOST 30!!! She had difficulty believing that...buuuuuuut I think we got Denae to kinda confirm it or something... I just LOOOOOVE SHOCKING PEOPOLE with my age...its pretty much just pure AWESOMENESS!!!
Anywho...she was really sweeeeet and had the PRETTIEST RED HAIR!!! I told her that ALL MY  LIFE I HAVE LONGED FOR BRIGHT RED HAIR...sigh...LOL... THen I told her one time when we were waiting in line that I LOOOOOVED her moms dimples...cuz i've also ALWAYS wanted dimples...LOL...and she said that she wished she had them too but she didn't get  them...I was like YEAH BUUUUUUUUUT you got RED HAIR!!! I didn't get RED HAIR OR DIMPLES!!!
ANywayz, I realized when camp was over that I forgot to say bye to her and get any contact info...BUMMMMER!!! Sooooooooo if there is anyone out there that knows that Fraziers can you tell Keri I said bye and that she should email me??? Maryfranceswriting@gmail.com
This is Dawn...one of Bro. Moore's daughters!!! She is sooooo AWESOME and has and amazing testimony that I am HOPING I will be able to write up on my PROFESSIONAL blog!!! She is sweet, pretty, Godly and can probably beat ANY of you guys out there on the basketball quart...somehow she manages to be very lady like while doing it too!!! Anywayz, she's SINGLE just in case anyone was wondering!!! ;)
Today was the day Bro. Booker preached the message that I REALLY needed to hear!!! I went to camp with some questions in my mind and it felt like they were directly and personally answered to me in this message!!! He preached about prayer and about asking God for things and he gave the example about how God is our father and then he said WHAT good parent gives their child the very thing they asked for EVERY time, the VERY FIRST time they ask for it! A kid says I want a bike, I want this I want that what parent just automatically gives it to them...NO...usually you have to ask over and over again!!! Annnnnnnnd I guess its that thing that you ask THE MOST for that shows that you REALLY WANT IT!!! THere was sooooooo much more tho in this message about prayer and stuff...it was soooooooo AWESOME!!!
Another thing he talked about in his message was time...he said its one of God's tools...Which was EXACTLEY what I had been thinking about right before camp! My mom had told me to just listen to that STILL SMALL VOICE when I wanted to get what I needed!!! Annnnnd I heard it from Bro. Booker...ONE OF God's tools is TIME!!! Okaaaaaaay got it God!!! (:
Me and the oh so Lovely VELEZ girls!!!
Daisy, ME, Rocky and Emily!!!

Broc and Daisy...TRYING to act normal buuuuuut sooooooooo NOT happening!!! :)

Gettin down with my salad at lunch...We couldn't stop laughing at the HUGE mess I made with just two bites of it!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Tyler, Stultz and Travie jus chillin outside on the porch of the dorms!!!
Stultz seeing if he could fix the death of my sunglasses...He's like I think this might be a misdiagnosis Mary, (from the first days preaching) I think if we got super glue they could be fixed!!! ummm yeah...buuuuuuut we're at CAMP and a funeral will be WAAAAAAAAY FUNNIER!!!
The we're off to remote control car racing...that was the days activity...BEFORE GUNS...heh, heh!!!!

THis is lil Gallie...Not sure of sp???
I was bored with the remote control racing sooooooo I started talking to Joe...I was like wow you look sooooooo MEXICAN with that hat one!!! I was like let me get a pic of this...Then I'm like OH WAIT, do something Mexican for me in the pic!!! He's all, like WHAT??? I'm like...

Which made them all start laughing as Joe proceeded to very accuratley, like a pro scratch his stomach...then he started coming up with MORE MEXICAN poses for me!!! He's like YOU KNOW this here is the total Mexican pose!!!
 Gallie again!!!
Awwwwww She's soooooo CUUUUUTE!!!

THen SOMEONE told me to get this cloud for Anali...cuz she likes them or something!!!

Then it was the guys that were entertaining me, there turn to race...

Buuuuuuuuuut I kinda got bored and left and proceeded to start taking pics of myself and the scenery
Sambra and Audrey!!!
SERGIO!!! Whoop! Whoop!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo all I can say is that it was a GOOD thing Shannon and I had her husband walking with us up the hill to the shooting range!!! LOLOLOL Cuz when we got up there, Shannon and I were going to walk around to the front of the building where we had been doing archery the day before, Brandon quickley guided us go INSIDE the side of the building...which was a good thing since we would have been walking in DIRECT LINE OF THE GUNS!!! Okaaaaaaay i'm jus sayin the camp should probabley up some sorta sign for directing people like ME AND SHANNON!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Hanna said this picture REALLY scared her!!! AHAHAHA!!! I have NOOOOOOOO IDEA WHY!?!?!?!
Soooooo after Shannon and I got up there, the man in charge was already done instructing and when it was our groups turn he was like, ok do any of you all have any questions??? So I raised my hand and called on me, he's like, Yes, what is your question? I was like ummmm yeah, like WHAT do we do??? Everyone like busted up laughing buuuuuuuuuut I was like sooooooooooo FOR REALZ!!! LOL He was like OH ok let me go over it with you guys, so he showed us how to load the bullet in, he's like and then you take the butt of the gun and put it your shoulder...annnnnnnnd that literally put me into hysterical laughter for like 2 minutes...like I couldn't even breath...which made everyone else start laughing, the i.nstructor....yeah it was pretty funny...I know, VERY IMMATURE of me to start laughing buuuuuuuuut I just could NOT help it!!! Anywayz, turns out that i'm waaaaaaaaaay better at archery than I am at shooting!!! 
This was me showing off my battle scares from the day before of archery!!! Actually I had this HUGE black and blue that I really was soooooooo proud of and I wanted to show you all buuuuuuuut....it was above my elbow so I figured I better not!!! :)

Pastor Abbott leading song service!!!

Ooooo soooo this is lil Landon...he's sooooo cute!!! HE came running up to me one night and I was like, HI MARY!!! I was like, whoa, HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME??? He's like, BECAUSE, I READ YOUR PAGE!!! I'm like whaaaaaaaat??? LOLOL

So then I was telling Landon's mom cuz i thought it was so cute and funny and she was like, I think its ACTUALLY his big brother that reads it TO HIM!!! I was like AWWWWW!!! 

The choir singing!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooo who ever knew that Joe could saaaaaaaaaaaaaaang???? This guy got down!!! when He started singing the verse in choir practice ALL THE GIRLS started clapping and cheering!!! LOL!
.Awwwwwwww she's sooooo pretty sleeping by the snack bar!!!
Mine and Daisy's matching outfits!!! 
We looked soooooooooo GOOOOOD!!!
I was like soooooo determined that I would NOT change into my play clothes for the night, UNTIL Daisy and I had a picture together!!! I kept asking EVERYONE do you know where DAISY IS??? When Anali saw this pic she said, Oh Daisy looks like a PREACHER'S WIFE!!! I was like, OH WEEEEEEEELLLLL YOU KNOW, SHE IS a PREACHER'S KID NOW!!!
Mmmmmm the what did we do that night???? I think we all just hung around talking, I think this is the night that I randomly asked a group of guys their middle names....just outta curiosity...One of the guy's name made me laugh like REALLY hard...I wasn't being mean, it just took me by surprise...Buuuuuut I won't post anyone's middle names on my blog...you'll have to ask them yourself!!! Anywayz...the whole middle name thing was SUPER FUNNY...I'll tell you all WHY in Thursday's post!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)