Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm NOT Beautiful like...

Sooooo all my up lashes are going up, like they're supposed to... Buuuut then there is one up lash,  that is perfectly curled downward!!! It doesn't look bad, it actually, in my personal oppinion is still quite LOVELY...hee,hee!!! It's JUST sooooooo WEIRD!!! Buuuuut I loooove it cuz it reminds me of...
AHAHAHA!!! Yes REALLY, i DID just say that!!! You know cuz I just kinda walk right along with everyone else, doing my own dance and singing my own tune, not caring if i'm completely DIFFERENT from everyone else that i'm hanging out with!!! I recently saw a quote that I absolutely LOVE!!! It says,
"I'm NOT beautiful like YOU...
I"m beautiful like ME!!!"
I just wanted to tell all you ladies, girls, gals and chicas out there today, JUST BECAUSE you don't look EXACLTY JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, does NOT mean that your NOT beautiful!!! There may be another female that you know annnnd you think, OH IF I COULD ONLY LOOK LIKE HER!!! Heeeey just cuz she is beautiful and you look NOTHING like her, does NOT mean that you are NOT beautiful!!! God made us ALL DIFFERENT!!! Different shapes, sizes, shades, colors, heights, frames, straighy hair, curly hair, wavy hair, fluffy hair, gray hair, red hair...big noses, hook noses, perfect noses, freckles, dimples...WHATEVERRRR you got...LOVE IT!!!
 Cuz guess WHAT??? Thats how God made YOU!!! Its like I said in my post, How to compete for a guy, (or a for a girl IF your a guy!;) Read it HERE!!! You may feel like your that ONE quirkey eyelash thats curling in the WRONG direction, buuuuuut heeeeeey just WAIT cuz theres always gonna be ONE cRaZy person that comes along and thinks, She's not like all the other girls I know, she's different, kinda off, buuuuut its weird cuz I STILL think she's really, really PRETTY!!!
You don't have to be the cookie cutter image
 of someone else!!!
♥Mary Frances :)