Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Soooo this past Sunday morning, at Coffee and donuts at my church before pre-service prayer, I was talking to a man in my church named Bro. Dave. This is my friend, Janelle Karlson's dad, and Bro. Dave KNOWS ME annnnnd I'm always doing or saying things in class to make him laugh. Soooo we're there at coffee and donuts chattin it up and he asks me if I'm going to Jr. Camp this week???
I was like, Oh no, I'm not going!!! He was like, Oh really?! I'm soooo surprised! That just really seems like something you would be involved in since your always doing things with the kids and stuff! So i'm like, yeah well I have to work this week, plus its like $100 to go HELP!!! I'm like, SOOOOO I would be paying a $100 to go, plus I would be losing a weeks worth of pay, thats going on like close to $400 for HELPING at Jr. Camp...sooooooooo I'm EXPLAINING myself to Bro. Dave and he is just nodding his head understandingly!!! Then he says...
AND besides all THAT,
There are NO GUYS going YOUR AGE
AHAHAHA!!! I just like busted up laughing!!! And then he just busts up laughing!!! I'm like, YES Bro. Dave, Thank you for just GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER!!! (Not that there are EVERRRR actually guys MY AGE at conferences, soooo I guess we she say, AVAILABLE LEGALLY AGED GUYS) AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! He's like, WELL YOU KNOW, that IF YOU KNEW there were gonna be guys there, you wouldn't even think twice about laying out $400 to go!!! I'm like weeeeeelllll...I'm NOT EVEN gonna lie...Ain't THAT THE TRUTH!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I'm like HEEEEEEY...you know what...we got Jr. Camp pretty much EVERY SERVICE up on my row at church...annnnnnnnnnd its FREE!!! God's gonna have to give me a STRONGER burden in order for me to ACTUALLY GO TO JR. CAMP AND PAY FOR IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)