Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Starbucks...

Dear Starbucks,
I'm currently sitting here at McDonald's in the play place, i've got my refillable large coke zero next to me and the boys that I babysit are playing the play place. Its NICE that I can be here on McDonald's FREE WIFI, just relaxing, ejoying myself as I can write away to my cRaZy hearts content!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut Starbucks, as I was sitting here, I was thinking,


Do you know HOW much better that would be??? I seriousley think that you should take my idea into consideration!!! If you do, do this, I will expect a little bit of compensation for my brilliant idea, buuuuuuut NOT much, maybe just a new car or something, which is really NOT much when you think about HOW MUCH MONEY you would be making off of my complete BRILLIANCE!!! You guys did really good with the whole drive thru idea, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement Starbucks!!! Don't ever think that you have ARRIVED and there is NO COMPETITION and that you'll always be at the top!!! You've got TO STRIVE to keep improving! Don't just be the same old, same old!!! Also, a dollar menu would be nice as well annnnnnnnnd also if you could tell your employees NOT to be snippy when I sit there for five hours at a time writing and I get three refills on my trente-iced-coffee-with-breve-7-splendas-and-sugar-free syrup!!! I EARNED THAT GOLD CARD annnnnnd you better believe i'm gonna USE IT!!! Well thats it Starbucks...THINK ABOUT IT...
Sincerely, Mary Frances Ginty
From Classic Mary Moments!!!
♥Mary Frances :)