Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm FINALLY PACKED YOU GUYS!!! I'm leaving TODAY at like I don't even know what time...for CALIFORNIA!!! Woooooooohoooooo!!! Me, T and MJ are spending the next week or so in the COOL SAN FRANCISCO BREEZE of the bay area or wherever these people live!!! LOL Thats right folks,bringing the party to Hanna and Anali this week!!!
Annnnnnnnnd I'm also going to be hanging out with Mesgana annnnnnd Nyla!!! Thats Hanna's lil brother and her cousin...her exact words were, MARY I hope your ready for these kids because they are READY FOR YOU!!! Awwwww they're soooo cuuuuute...I face timed with them today!!! LOL! This will a really fun way to spend the 4th of July too!!! of course, I'm HAVING to bring EXTRA PATRIOTIC HAIR ACCESSORIES cuz these girls don't even own anything patriotic!!! I'm like REALLY??? Whats soooooo hard about RED WHITE AND BLUE??? LOLOLOL!!!
Then Hanna FREAKED out and MADE ME GET OFF THE PHONE WITH HER just because it was like 11pm and she found out I had NOT EVEN opened my suitcase yet!!!AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Soooooooo yeah i'll be there for a week you guys buuuuut don't fear i'm STILL planning on blogging on here EVERYDAY!!! I brought my lap top...cuz I just can't fathom going that long WITHOUT WRITING!!! I have a REALLY good devotional that is just like spilling out of my brain and just WAITING to be written like ASAP!!!
Anyways, my room is CRAZINESS...buuuuuuut I'm packed annnnnd TIRED!!!
♥Mary Frances :)