Saturday, July 6, 2013


I got lost in San Francisco City earlier!!! Lol my sis and MJ and I had this planned bus/boat/duck tour at 1:30! Sooooo we had an hour to waste so we walked to pier 39! Well my sis ordered this hazelnut Nutella crepe! Well we were runnin out of time so my says Mary you walk faster than me, do you wanna wait for the crepe and MJ and I will start walking back?! Soooo I'm like yeah sure! PROBLEM was that I walk faster, YES, I also get LOST FASTER!!! Ahahaha!!!! Yes, lost in San Fran!!!! Buuuut that's NOTHING compared to being lost in NEW YORK CITY!!! Lololol anywayZ, no biggie, I found it just in time!!! I'm now on a tour duck boat being creepy, quacking at people on the street. That make eye contact with me and yes, doing what I do BEST....

♥Mary Frances :)