Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm home!!!

Yes i'm HOME sweet, wonderful, happy, HOT HOME!!!

NO REALLY, its HOT in our home!!!
The AC broke!!! My sis and the kids went to spend the night at my brother and sis-in-laws place, buuuuuut despite the heat I just wanna be HOME!!! When its all said and done and all my world travels are over, i'm just a HOMEBODY!!! :)))) Its NOT that bad really...LOL!!!
Soooo i'm sitting here in the HEAT, sweating, listening to Bro. Morton's preaching from PCC, "If everbody in the church was was just like me, what kind of church would this church be?!" He just started talking about SUBMISSION...AHAHAHAHAHA!!! He said, There's a difference between obeying and submitting....BAHAHAHA!!! Naaaaaaaaay!!! BAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (Inside joke from the trip;)
Awwwwwwww it was an FUNNNNN TRIP in SAN LORENZO/Orlando BAY AREA OF CALI!!!
You'll be hearing ALL about it SOON!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)