Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oakland Day 1!

Weeeeeeellll EVERYONE I'm FINALLY blogging about our trip to Cali!!! Btw: If your lookin for somwhere to get away to for the summer, THE BAY AREA IS THE PLACE!!! Seriousley, whoever decided that Disneyland was "The Happiest Place On Earth" needs to get there head examined...cuz like...its HOT, its CROWDED and there are LOOOOONG LINES annnnnnd the rides are sooooooo LAME!!! Now California adventure is a different story...AWESOME RIDES!!! LOL Anywayz, YES, i'm still going to Youth Alive!!! HAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, I would like let EVERYONE KNOW, that we started this trip with MJ forgetting STANLEY!!! (Stanley is MJ's doll that she has had since she was five, he kinda helped her adjust into living with us when she came from her foster  home so he kinda has sentimental value!) Yes, this is VERY IMPORTANT that you all know this...sooooo she was like IN TEARS...soooo my sis calls my brother Joe to come back so MJ can get Stanley from the van...
And HERE she is all HAPPY to have Stanley BACK!!!
So thats how the trip started, with MJ FORGETTING STANLEY!!! LOLOL
Here I am with my ticket...
PHOENIX TO Oakland!!!

MJ's pouting cuz she wanted the window seat...
I was like Ooooo I like those tissues!!! HELLO KITTY!!! LOL
See, now she's TRYING NOT to smile...AHAHA!!!
Notice how my phone is on AIRPLANE MODE???? Thats cuz i'm on THE AIRPLANE Bro. ANDREW...NOT at CAMP!!! Heh, heh!!! :P
PHOENIX from the sky!!!
I took this pic cuz I thought it was funny...I had my shoulders lined up with the can see how much my one shoulder is hanging off into the aisle...God blessed me and my brother John with my grandpa's broad shoulders...THANKS GOD...NOT...LOL...I mean, I wouldn't have minded taking after the grandma that couldn't even stay at 100 pouns her whole life....buuuut...its all good!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay flying into Oakland...lotsa mountains and hills...
Annnnnnnnnnnd here I am in Oakland!!! Wooooohoooo!!!
Everyone kinda gasps when they hear its supposed to be really ghetto or something but personally I didn't think it was that at all!!!

I mean it could be cuz I was kinda like IN AWE OF THE seriousley...I was like WOWED by it!!! LOLOLOL
SOoooooo then I get my luggage and one of the sides on my handle was broken off!!! I was like WHAT??? The airport broke my suitcase!!!
Soooooooooooo I'm walking around the airport all GHETTO Like with the handle and only one bar holding it up buuuuut THEN I see this other man that had the SAME THING wrong with his suitcase!!! Sooooo i'm like OH, soooo i'm NOT the ONLY IDIOT walking around with a ghetto suitcase!!! And God's like, NOPE, you actually ARE cuz RIGHT as soon as I thought that...SNAP...
The WHOLE handle just broke off in my hand!!! Soooooo then I was just walking around wheeling my suitcase with the one bar and holding the handle in my other hand!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!

At least the wheels didn't start breaking off or something!!! Next trip...BAHAHA!!!
Then I like COMPLETELY FREAKED out when we got to the hotel BECAUSE...the whole entire wall in our room was a mirror!!! Like AM I DREAMING OR IS THIS THE CLOSEST THING TO HEAVEN ON EARTH???

Okaaaaaaaaaay we're NOW driving to the Kifle's church...which we were ummmm LATE FOR!!! SORRRRRRY!!!
We kinda like, didn't realize that Berkley was like 30 minutes away from where the Kifle's live annnnnd then we like GOT LOST...OF COURSE!!! BAHAHA!!!
Buuuuuuut we got there RIGHT on time for Bro. Coco's preaching/teaching or I guess you could say TREACHING! HAHA! He preached a good message about the battle on the wall. Basically talking about how not to let the negatives in our life bring us down or to build a nest in our hair! We can't escape life, but we don't have to dwell on it...he said some pretty interesting things especially correlating with Facebook...buuuuut I won't repreach the whole message on my blog cuz I'll prob mess it up. You'll have to hear it for yourself or read the post HERE!!! But the actual message was better...HAHA!!!
ME AND HANNNNA!!! Finally together!!!
I had refrianed from interrupting the preaching, grabbing her off the piano and giving her a Mar Bear hug till AFTER ALTER CALL!!! AHAHAHA!!! Annnnd she wore her hair JUST THE WAY  I LIKE IT!!! Annnnd of course I was like boinging her curls IMMEDIATELY!!! Hanna has like the awesomest, boingiest curls EVERRRR!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd then we met NYLA!!! Ooooo words can NOT describe Nyla at all!!! She is adorable, cute, beautiful, HYPERRR, FUNNNNNNNY annnnnd cRaZy!!! Nyla is Hanna's cousin and she is a mix of like every ethnicity there is!!! LOL Seriously, Ethiopian, Liberian, Chinese, she black, she white, chocolate, vanilla, carmel...EVERYTHING!!! Annnnnnd she just got the Holy Ghost the Sunday before we came! Hanna said a couple of days after she got the Holy Ghost she was telling everyone, "I don't LIKE JESUS...I LOOOOOOOVE JESUS!!!"
Then We got to the Kifle's house...Sis. Kifle gave us food...Chicken, salad and Ethiopian food...I just say Eithiopian food cuz I don't even know what I was eating...I just liked it!!! Hanna knows how to eat it all neat with her hands...but I jus rolled mine up into the bread like a burrito...I mean...I was eating Ethiopian food sitting next to Anali sooooo I figured i'd be Mexican too!!! Ya know, Mar Bear, Don't want any ethnicities to feel left out!!! HAHA!!!
Then on the way to our hotel that night my sis wanted to stop somewhere to get something to drink, she was like pulling into Wendy's!!! I'm like WENDY'S??? T...thats BORING!!! We got Wendy's in AZ too!!! She was like, weeeeelll where do you wanna go??? I was like, lets go to that little hole in the wall drive thru right over there and see what they got!
My sis was like, NOOOOO its probabley DIRTY!!! I'm like, soooo LETS LIVE A LITTLE!!! I mean really, we're all gonna die anywayz...whats a few germs??? HAHAHA!!! Can you tell i'm best friends with nurses??? Sooooooothat was basically day one!!! Day two tomorrow!!!
♥Mary Frances :)