Friday, July 12, 2013

Oakland day 2!

Sooooooo day two...this started with me getting up earlier...cuz like...I hate wasting time when I'm in a new place and always wanna go exploring...Thats just the way I am and if everyone else wants to sleep in i'm fine to go off by myself, it totally does NOT bother me!!!
Soooooo I just went for a walk down the street and was looking at all the houses, they're alot different then over here in AZ! They're all different and everything is built more up, while in AZ in most places everything is more modern, cookie cutter houses and its all like Spanish style homes or they all just look the same but the homes are really spread out and wider and flatter....if that makes sense...LOL!
Then I headed over to McDonald's for my morning coffee...its sooooo AWESOME cuz the coffee over there is ANY SIZE for a dollar...annnnnnnnnd I MUST HAVE MY COFFEE EVERY MORNING!!!
Unlike Hanna who DENIES her ADDICTION...I DO NOT!!! I fully CLAIM it...AND EMBRACE IT!!! BAHAHA!!!
THEN...I was going to stay inside buuuuut the weather was soooooo niiiiiiice....I just went outside and sat on the sidewalk and enjoy myself!!! LOL Hahaha...see I just kinda live in my own world sometimes...LOL!!!
Soooooo then Anali picked me up and we headed to the airport to pick up some HOBO I mean our friend JOE MOMMA...Sorry I forgot to take a pic of just him at that moment buuuuut yeah...then we went and had breakfast at Anali's
Anali hugging Hanna...cuz aparently she hadn't gotten her PEETS YET!!! LOL

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THIS WAS A  HUUUUUUGE DAY IN MY LIFE...because Hanna introduced me to this INCREDIBLE MAN named...
Annnnnnnd Aparently, Hanna is pretty special to Peet too...I guess he likes CHOCOLATE girls...especially ETHIOPIAN ones!!! ;))))
Buuuuuuut Hanna better watch out CUZ this vanilla girl is pretty smitten by him too!!! ;)
Peet made me a coconut-white-mocha-iced was sooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!! GOOD BYE STARBUCKS...I JUST FOUND A NEW LOVE!!! *Sigh!!!

Sooooooo then Joe, Anali, Me, Hanna, T and MJ all headed San Jose cuz we were gonna go this place called Winchester mansion...

Buuuuuuuuut fist we wondered around the city and looked in some lil shops and stuff...

Then I wanted to find the ladies room, sooooo I found the center map....buuuut I HAD NO CLUE how to read it soooooo I'm like HEEEEEEY who knows how to read a map???? Soooooo JOE comes right over, cuz aparently he LOVES MAPS...I guess thats the kinda stuff you start to do when you live in ROSWELL...kinda weird...buuuut convient for someone like me that gets lost VERY EASILY!!!
Joe's like what are you lookin for?! I'm like THE LADIES ROOM!!! He looks at the map and says its right here!!! I'm like YES buuuuuut where is that in reality??? He looks up from the map and immediatley points to the EXACT direction of the map!!! I'm just like WOW!!! How'd you know that??? He just smiled and laughed...haha!!!
The Joe decided that he should be the new mannequin at the store...ahahaha!!!
A picture of me and Anali takin a pic of him as he takes a pic of  us...
WOW...we're ALL STALKERS!!! LOL!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo then we went to this Winchester mansion place!!! Weeeeellll that was THE WEIRDEST thing I have done in a really looooong time!!! Somehow, when I had talked to Joe about this place at New Mexico camp, I thought that he said that it was some sort of cRaZy mansion that some lady had built in the 1800's to try and keep out robbers...kinda weird buuuuut it makes sense...kinda like an alarm system in todays world...weeeeeelllll aparently I wasn't really listening to what Joe said when we talked about it at camp...LOL!!!

Sooooooooo we go on this tour of this mansion, its the lady that her and her husband created the Winchester RIFLE!!! Soooooooo this lady's baby and husband died on her, she is sooooo sad and grieving she consults a phsycic. The Phsycic tells her that this bad stuff is happening to her because the spirits of the people that have died by the winchester gun are coming back to haunt her and soooo IF she wants to have eternal life she needs to build a mansion and NEVER stop building...and thats what this lady did!!! She spent the rest of her life MOURNING and trying to achieve eternal life!!! It was really quite sad to hear about, I mean to NEVER be able to overcome your loss and to live your whole life in fear, complicating everything because you refuse to surrender your life to God...She had all this weird stuff...WHEN THE TRUTH is soooooo SIMPLE all you have to do is OBEY ACTS 2:38!!! I was soooooooo ready for a microphone!!! HAHA!!!
Sooooo yeah, this lady built a mansion, that had stairs that went to the ceiling, doors that led to NOTHING...just all kinds of weird things like that...totally Phsyco, bizzare things!!! The ONLY thing I thought was kinda cool was this room from upstairs that she could look down and spy on her servents and she could see them buuuuut they couldn't see her!!! LOLOLOL STALKER STATUS!!! I mean, I was just thinking if one of the servents was cute or something ya know??? ;)
Personal reccomendation to everyone, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!! It was HOT cuz there was NO AC, you weren't allowed to take pics,  and our tour guide was soooooooo WEIRD!!! AHAHAHA!!! I was like TRYING to figure out if he the way was acting was part of his job OR if he was just REALLY WEIRD!?!?! Turns out, he really was JUST WEIRD!!! BAHAHA!!!

Anywayz, after that we headed over to the Kifle's for dinner!!! Hanna's aunt made some BOMB spagetti!!! We had some more Ethiopian food....annnnnd WATERMELON...BAHAHA...LOLOL... annnnnnnnnnd I finally got to try Sis. Kifle's iced tea!!! That stuff is sooooooo GOOD!!!! Its like made from like spices and YUMMMM!!! If you've never had it...BE JEALOUS!!! Heh, heh!!! ;)
Oooooo and soooo then I made ANOTHER new friend named which I nicknamed FROSTY...cuz he's soooo COOL!!! HAHA!!! I'll explain his whole nickname in another post!!!
Then I had brought Nyla CANDY LAND....which meant...PLAYING IT WITH HER!!!
Annnnnnnnnd as you can see her tackling Mesgana, she does NOT like to lose!!! LOLOLOL
Annnnd I gave Mesgana this pen... Its really cool from Brookstone...which I LOOOOOVE THAT STORE it as all these weird gadgets...anywayz, it has a fan on the end of it...which is VERY COOL!!! I kinda like flipped out when I saw it...I was gonna get one for myself to whip out during Bible College class this next semester...cuz I KNOW all my teachers woulda been soooooo IMPRESSED...buuuuuut....I decided to just let Mesgana be the cool one!!! (:
Annnnnnnnnnd Me and Mesgana are total buds...He's a really sweet kid I must say!!!
THEN the guys all headed out to the shooting range...I played a few more games with the kids...then we left for our hotel and left behind a...
for someone to TRY and put to bed before our big day of FIREWORKS
annnnnd FUNNNNN!!! (:
♥Mary Frances :)