Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why i'm NOT married reason #3479823461764

Soooooooooo I went with the Kifle's to the Connell's church Sunday night annnnnnnnd Bro. Connell was preaching. And at one point in his message he was talking about how when your involved in inviting or bringing people to church, you hear EVERY EXCUSE there possibly is!!! Which is like sooooooooo TRUE!!! LOL
Then he was reading from Luke about the marriage supper and how all the people that were invited had these EXCUSES for WHY they could NOT go!!! The first one said he had just bought land, the second one had just bought some ox...lame excuses right?!?! Buuuuuut then the last one had the LAMEST OF ALL!!!
"And another said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come." (Luke 14:20) That just cracked me up laughing!!! I turned to Jen and Hanna and I'm like OH sooooo thats WHY I'M NOT MARRIED!!! Its a SALVATION ISSUE!!! I bet there's some Apostolic man out there that is...
 STILL going to church simply because...

He's NOT married to ME!!!
♥Mary Frances