Thursday, August 22, 2013

Continuation of today's post...

So I was just at my mom's a lil while earlier this evening and my mom was like, ya know, I WISH you had told me ahead a time that you were going to write that post about its a good thing your body parts are attached to yourself otherwise you would LOSE them!!! I'm like, WHY??? She's like, BECAUSE, all your days growing, starting from when you were a little girl, EVERY MORNING before we left for school, you would say, WHERE'S MY BACK PACK??? I can't find my back pack!!! My mom's like LAUGHING she's like, ANNNND you would be like STEPPING on it as you said that!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I thought that was pretty funnnny!!! I have NO recollection of this buuuuut i have NO DOUBT its TRUE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)