Thursday, August 15, 2013

I LOVE my talent...

I was talking to one of my friends the other day, I'm not sure who, either Hanna or Anali, annnnnd I was telling them about how much I just LOOOOOVE writing!!! I was like I can't explain to you how I feel when I write, its like I feel such a completion in my heart after I've produced something out of me, like a devotional or a testimonial or a humor peice and knowing that God is using my creativity, my inspiration to bless someone else. I'm like when I write, to me its like painting a beautiful picture, a work of art, but instead of paint on my canvas I use WORDS!!!
 I don't need any supplies, just my mind and it goes with ME everywhere I go!!! (Which is a GOOD thing cuz otherwise it would DEFINATLEY get lost!!! LOL!!!) I was like ANNNND you know what else I love about my talent from God?!?! They said WHAT? I'm like its FREE!!! Like it doesn't cost me ANYTHING!!!
Then I paused and I was like, WAAAAAIT did I really just say that??? Did I really just say one of my favorite things about MY TALENT is that its FREE???  Like, really i just said that...Thats how GHETTO I AM...
God gave me a free talent!!!!
I just imagine God when he was creating me...
Thinking about what talent he should give me: Like hmmmm... Music? Nope she'll have to buy the instrument and lessons! Art? NOPE! She'll have to buy paint and pencils and canvases! Decorating skills? NOPE! It'll cost her a lot to have to buy all the decorations! Sewing? Nope she couldn't afford a sewing machine! Annnnnnd he goes through the list of talents, then he finally decides, AHAHA, I know! I'll make her a WRITER!!! All I have to is give her a cRaZy mind, she'll NEVER have to buy a thing to up keep it annnnnd I won't have to worry about her losing it all the time either cuz its ATTACHED to her!!! Aw YES! I'll give Mar Bear the TALENT OF WRITING!!!
♥Mary Frances :)