Saturday, August 3, 2013

Its a GIRL!!!

Soooooooo you guys I got my car annnnd she's a GIRL!!! She is soooooo cuuuuute!!! 

Soooooo I went I Tuesday annnnd got my car...Everything went through smoothly annnnd I hope to have many adventures together!!! I already prayed and dedicated my car to the use of God's kingdom annnnnnnnnd I asked God to protect me, the passengers annnnnnd surrounding drivers!!! She even has AC....
buuuuut i'm not using it all the time cuz you save on gas if you don't...I mean like between 10 am and 5pm its pretty hot so i am using it then but at evening an mornings its FIIIIIINE...I mean it only takes $40 to fill the tank so I can save even MORE on gas IF I don't use the AC!!! I mean, I don't think i'm being CHEAP...we jus gotta get our priorities right... all that money i save on gas can be used for more ACCESORIES!!! :))))
AnywayZ, I only have ONE question left you guys...
Seriousley, you guys, it can't just be any old name!!! This is MY car that we're talking about!!! Sooooooo what do you think??? Email me your name idea and I'll announce it in ONE in September 3rdish!!! HAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)