Monday, August 26, 2013

MJ's first day of school!!!

Today MJ started her first at GCA!!! AKA: Glendale Christian Acadamey! The school got started a special ed program, soooo she is sooooooo HAPPPPPY that she can be a part of this school now. Its sooooo neat!!! The kids start off FIRST THING in the morning with prayer, Bible reading and a devotional. I was told that I could stay for it because a lot of the parents do. So I did and I looooved it!!! Sooooo NEAT...its like a lil church service every morning...I'll sooooo be there for it!!!
Then MJ went to class. Her teacher is Sis. Myers. When I picked her up from school this afternoon she came over to me with a HUGE smile on her face. She's like, I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!! She said that Sis. Myers is soooo nice and so is her other teacher, Sis. Ward. She said that Sis. Myer's kept pullling out all these GOD papers and she was just like, OKAAAAAAAAY, that is sooooooo COOL!!!
 She's like you know what, I'm gonna go here MY WHOLE life until i'm an adult annnnnnd THEN i'm going to come back here and work here when I'm a grown up!!! Then she told me that she was NEVERRRRR going to an UNGODLY school again!!! I was like, YES ma'Am!!!
♥Mary Frances :)