Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black background!!!

So after staying late at the wedding on Saturday, and helping clean up, a group of us just crashed in the sanctuary. In this group was the Avandano's, author of the blog, My3sonz, which IF you don't know who they are, buuuut I thought EVERYONE did, the Avandano's is this really awesome family from Oregon, Jacob, Sammy, Caleb and they travel all over to youth conferences, senior camps, weddings and whatever with their mom... Its like soooo cool...I'm sooooo gonna do that when I have kids...so anywayz, we're just chillin there with the Avandono's and some others annnnnnd...  After a few minutes of rest, my mouth began running and I felt the need to entertain those that I was sitting with by telling about my newest blog feature to come, Pentecostal pick up lines! AHAHA!!!
Soooo this had everyone laughing as I began to share some of my ideas...then the guys started discussing cars, which bored me and Sis. Avandano, sooooo we just sat there with our own lil discussion and then she starts telling me that I really NEED to change the background on my blog from black, because it hurts her eyes to look at it. I'm like, OH my mom says the same thing! She's like YES Mary, you have to fix this for us OLDER people! Soooo I'm like Okaaaaaay I'll do that!!!
Then we're all jokin around some more, than Bethany comes over and now its an exclusive conversation between me, her and Sis. Avandano, the guys go back to disussin cars, and the two of them are TEASIN me about some guy, Bethany THINKS i must like, weeeeeeelllll the guys overhear and Jacob is like, WHAAAAT Mary your talking to someone??? I'm like uh NOOOO i'm NOT!!! They're all like Ooooo Mary has a boyfriend???? I'm like NOOOOOOOO! Like really, stop eavesdropping and go BACK to the car discussion!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo now we're all getting ready to leave, I'm walking out to the parking lot with Sis. Avandano and our group. We're all saying our last good byes, and Sis. Avandano tells me one last time, please Mary, MAKE sure you change your background, I really can't read it with it being BLACK!!!
 Soooooooo JACOB, stops his convo with whomever he was talking with at the moment and is like, REALLY Mary? I'm like, WHAAAAAAT??? He's like, you REALLY have the background on your blog as some guy???
I'm like, WHAAAAAAT???? Like I have NO CLUE what he is meaning!!! I'm like, WHAAAAT  are YOU talking about??? He's like, you just told my mom that you were going to change your background from the guy!!! I'm just standing there staring at him in total confusion!!! Then it CLICKED and I just busted up laughing!!! I'm like, NOOOOOO!!! The background on my blog is BLACK...
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut NOT
 AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laughed soooo hard!!! He seriousley thought that I had a black guy as my background on my blog!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! That was like THE FUNNIEST MOMENT everrrrr!!! I loooooove how people just hear the word black around ME and ASSUME it equals BLACK GUY!!! Soooooo FUNNNNNNY!!!! I'm like REALLY JACOB, I only have two things to say; 1. OBVIOUSLEY you have NOT been on my blog in a while, because if you had, you would KNOW that I do NOT have a black man as my background annnnnnnnd
on people's conversations!!!
AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriousley still laughing about that...REALLY MARY??? A guy as your background??? Yes Jacob, i keep a file of black man pics on my computer for whenever I'm bored with my blog design background!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Changed my background to white for you Sis. Avandano...buuuuuut WHITE...wonder what rumors can be started with THIS BACKGROUND??? Hmmmmm... ;)))) AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOLOLOL