Sunday, August 18, 2013

Phone Fast!!!

Heeeeeeeeeey Everyone!!! I just wanted to let you all know that I've decided to go on a phone fast this week!!! I just really felt in on my heart to do this...JUST KIDDING...MY PHONE IS STILL MISSING!!! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Annnnnd its gonna be a lil while till I get my replacement cuz my phone insurance was closed for the weekend. I was just telling my sis, DUUUUDE I should soooo go on a phone fast this week...AHAHAHA!!! Anywayz, I went to my phone place on Saturday night before the youth rally and I'll tell you one thing, you walk through the mall dressed for church with your hair done all fancy annnnnd you get AMAZING customer service!!! Jcpenny's and all the stores were like SOOOOO FRIENDLY and I mean the guy at the Verizon place basically pulled out a super man cape to help me...annnnnd it wasn't in a flirty way!!!
 Buuuut it was kinda funny cuz he called his boss to see what the procedure was for making a claim on a stolen phone to your insurance. THey tell him that we have to report it to the police and then give the case # to the insurance. So the guy gets out his phone to start calling, then he's like, WAIT, i'm not supposed to 911 am I??? I'm like UH NOOOOOO!!! There's a NON-emergencey number that your supposed to call!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Can you imagine??? The police come rushing to the mall because MARY'S iPHONE got stolen!!! Heeeeeey it kinda is a HUUUUGE deal for me!!! Seriousley having some self-portrait withdrawals!!! Please pray for me!!! My hair looked sooooo cute today....I borrowed my mom's phone so that the hair would NOT be forgotten!!! LOL
Annnnnnywayz, my contact right now is the OLD FASHIONED way...EMAIL!!! AHAHAHA!!! And it will prob be that way for a lil while cuz I guess they have to order the phone to once I make the claim!!!
♥Mary Frances :)