Monday, August 19, 2013

Ironing MISSIONS!!!

I was thinking a while ago, God is there ANYTHING that I need to do to prepare myself for marriage still??? I got cooking, cleaning DOWN!!! I can wash dishes like I've been doing it since birth. I wash clothes, scrub a toilet, cook all kinds of good meals...I know how to change diapers, take care of children from new borns to teens. I've taken all the Ladies of Legacy classes like a MILLION times, I know all about submission, communication, making your house a home, the joy of disciplined children, RESPECTING your husband, all that Jazz, i'm like God REALLY, I don't think there is possibley ANYTHING else that I would need to know how to do!!! Annnnnnd then God reminded me of ONE THING...
Can you IRON his shirts???
I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaaat??? You mean to tell me God, that I'm NOT gonna marry the man that just brings all his dress shirts to THE DRY CLEANERS??? This is ABSOLUTELY devestating news to me BECAUSE, woman, AT LEAST ME, don't really have to iron most of their clothes!!! Remember HERE I don't iron my clothes???  LOL Annnnd Im like okaaaaaaaaaay buuuut I'm SINGLE, soooo HOW can I learn HOW to iron a shirt BEFORE I get married????
Soooooooooooo I was thinking, (really feel God laid this on my heart;) maybe theres a, Single-Godly-Handsome-On-fire-for-God-burden-for-the-lost-normal-guy-with-a-decent-job-not-in-debt-owns-a-car-never-been-married-no-kids-tithe-payer-young-man, THAT feels the BURDEN on their heart, to HELP PREPARE me for marriage, just call my pastor annnnnnd I would LOOOOVE to practice ironing, on YOUR SHIRTS!!! :)))) Really, its a MINISTRY to me!!!
♥Mary Frances :)