Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reception Classic Mary Moment!!!

Sooooo tonight I'm in Tucson for Cassia's wedding. Afterwards, at the reception, a bunch of us girls are just wondering around with our plates of food TRYING to find a place to sit!!! EVERY table we went to was either taken, saved or if there was room NOT enough for our WHOLE GROUP of girls! Sooooooo we're just wondering around aimlessly, TRYING to find a spot, No one liked my suggestion of just SITTING IN THE GRASS!!! LOL
Sooooooo THEN I see it, this big, huge, LOOOOOONG TABLE...COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! I'm like WOW!!! Score! JACKPOT!!! I'm like, HEEEEEEY you guys LOOK, we can sit HERE...this WHOLE table is completely EMPTY!!! They're like MARY!!! Thats the BRIDAL PARTY TABLE!!! AHAHAHA!!! I'm like OOOOOOO sooooooooo THATS WHY its EMPTY!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We all laughed soooo hard about it!!! I'm like I was soooo WONDERING why no one was sitting there...
♥Mary Frances :)