Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Proud Moments for the week....

First proud moment happened on Wednesday. I was driving on the Freeway and had to get off Indian school, buuuuuut I was sooooo busy singing at the top of my lungs, "When God Unfolds The Rose" that I missed the exit and the next thing I know I was on the loop 202 headin who knows where. I'm like OH GREAT, I'm LOST now and I don't even have a cell phone, gps or NOTHING!!! So I get off at the first exit and I'm like okaaaaaay I know I gotta figure how to get back on the 51 buuuuuut HOW??? So I pull into a gas station to ask directions and I'm just like DUDE, I'm sooooo LOST I don't even know which direction to ask that I need the 51 I'm like south? North? UGH!!! I DON"T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO ASK!!! Soooo I'm sitting there and I'm just like, OKAAAAAY GOD, I'm STUPID...HELP ME!!! Then it was cRaZy, cuz I was like I think I can figure this out. I turned on the car pulled out of the gas station, drove write over to the freeway and FIGURED OUT EXACTLEY WHAT I NEEDED TO DO!!! I was like YAY ME!!! No GPS! No PHONE to call anyone! No gas station attendents!!! JUST ME AND GOD!!! OOOOOO YEAH!!!
Proud moment #2!!! I was trying to figure out what half of 1/4 is, i'm like ummmmmm...half of 1/4 like is it 1/2...Oh no cuz thats half a cup which is more than 1/4. So I'm like hmmmmmm...So I  FINALLY figured it out...1/8 is half of 1/4...I felt SOOOO SMART for figuring this out!!! EVEN tho I found the answer on GOOGLE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I was like, OH, sooo then half of 1/8 would be 1/16...I figured that out WITHOUT BOOYAH...cha BAM!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Its soooo much funnnnn...
BEING ME!!! ;)))
♥Mary Frances :)