Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I was telling my sister the other day that on the day I posted my first ever Apostolic Warrior, that the page views on my blog was at the very high number of 548 views. My sister was like WOW! Is that like the highest number that you've ever had? I was like OH NO!!! When I was on Facebook my page veiws was on a normal basis in the 600's and would on a high day be all the way up to the 800's, my sister's like, WHOA! Yup, it was REALLY FAST advertising on there being connected to as many people as I was...*Ahem! LOL! I'm like yeah, now I average between 300-350, on a high day about 400 annnnd on a REALLY HIGH day, like the AW, or when I posted The Purpose Of A Seatbelt, in the 500's!!! Buuuuuut I was superceded on a regular basis what I get on a high day now.
My sis was like, so you really took a considerabley large drop in page views when you got off Facebook. I'm like, yeah!!! Buuuuut WHATEVERRR. I mean, I know I did what God wanted me to do... EVEN if I lost page views. However, I got to thinking about it annnnd ALTHO, the page veiws on my blog has gone waaaaaay down since I have gotten off Facebook, I have ALSO noticed in the last year a stronger annointing from God in my life in direct application to my writing. In this last year, there has been some writing that has been produced out of me, that I felt DIRECTLEY from God and its been confirmed to me when people will tell me, thats EXACTLEY what I needed to read. Annnnnd I THANK GOD, that he would use my writing like that...its MY DESIRE to be a blessing!!! I WANT God's annointing!!! Yes, it was there before, buuuuuut its STRONGER now!!!
 Sometimes when we obey the Holy Ghost, and we make that positive change in our life, the results we FIRST see is that of a NEGATIVE. Oh sooooo now THIS is happening, annnnnd you can think, what about THE BLESSINGS of God??? I could be like, WHAAAAT??? I got OFF FACEBOOK, shouldn't God have INCREASED my pageviews??? Buuuuuuuuuut NO! It went DOWN!!!!! Annnnd at a first glance, that may SEEM like a NEGATIVE, buuuuut on a second look, you know what, I would RATHER have the favor of God on my life and a stronger annointing in my writing, then a MILLION pageviews a day on this blog. When you all do the RIGHT thing, you MAY see a negative result at first, buuuuut you just wait little bit longer ANNNNNNNND your going to see the positive results from your sacrifice to God come forth!!! Ultimately, above all else giving up ANYTHING that will bring you closer to God is indeed a BLESSING!!! I heard a quote once that says,
Sacrifice is giving up something GOOD,
for somthing BETTER!!!
♥Mary Frances :)