Monday, August 19, 2013

I need to marry an outline!!!

I know thats the most randomest title EVERRRR buuuuut...I was thinking about that today...when given structure, I absolutely thrive in it!!! Like for example, in college, I excelled in public speaking because I was given an outline with the exact steps that I needed to follow. The intro, the launch, the body, the review the ending and then what each of those parts we were expected to include and I was soooo good at it because I have soooo much inspiration and creativity and imagination in my mind that there was absolutely NO PROBLEM finding something to fill in to each spot. Where as others would have difficulty finding something to put in each spot because they ran out of ideas. Whereas I have an OVER ABUNDANCE of ideas I just lack organization a lot of times to fully utilize them.Annnnd people would always say, wow, your speech was soooo interesting buuuut soooo organized too...and they were soooo surprised about the ORGANIZED part!!! I was like weeeeeelllll...I just followed the outline EXACTLEY!!!
Its the same way with creative non-ficti.on writing. Anytime you get ready to write a story, a feature, a personal crisis a testimonial, first you have to have a lead and its soooo cool cuz there are like 12 different leads that you can choose from and sometimes you can even combine two leads into one...its soooooo AWESOME. Then after the lead you've got the nutgraph, which is basically two - three sentences that summarize the story without ACTUALLY giving the story away yet pulling the readers in, then you have the body which will include the climax and the victory and everything in between and then an ending an you have to do all this within in 2,500 words and ME I need that limitation because I RARELY come up with NOT ENOUGH!!! LOLOLOL!!! Annnnd I used to think that structure was "BORING" buuuuut I've realized now that in actuallity it makes a GOOD THING BETTER!!! Sooooo yeah, I think I need to marry an outline!!! Someone that is VERY STRUCTURED and they can just take, my wild imagination, my awesomeness, my Maryness, and utilize it to its fullest capacity!!! AN OUTLINE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I also need to marry a GPS!!! No explaination needed on that one i'm SURE!!! LOL!!!