Sunday, August 4, 2013

Singles Week #4!!!

One of my friends sent me this image below about relationships and it really cracked me up...I mean... LIVING IN A DESERT, I just found it EXTRA humorous!!! :)))
Okaaaaaaaaaay you guys, sooooooo starting TOMORROW, it is SINGLES WEEK!!! I bet you all thought I had forgotten BUUUUUT I did NOT!!! For the next FIVE DAYS, Monday-Friday I will be writing special for SINGLES!!! THEN on Saturday, at MIDNIGHT, the FIRST EVER, Apostolic Warrior will be announced!!! Saturday, August 19th I will be annoucning the APOSTOLIC BEAUTY!!! :))))
If you don't know, Apostolic Warrior and Apostolic Beauty is when I do a fun profile of an Apostlic single person that has shown themselves to be a good and Godly example to their peers. Don't take offense to this, buuuuut you probabley won't be picked unless I know you quite well, or IF someone that I know QUITE well reccommends you!!! I can't just be throwing anyone out there thats gonna go and RUIN THE TITLE!!! :))) I like to do this because I think its a great way to showcase amazing people that I feel should be noticed. I used to be the profiles editor for my college paper and did this all the time. You take what seems like an ORDINARY person, and uncover to your readers what an EXTRAORDINARY person they REALLY ARE!!! I just think its awesome to be able to find that heroism in people and bring it out to the light for all the world to see!!! Basically, its just me saying, I THINK YOUR AWESOME annnnnd I think EVERYONE should know it!!! :)))) 
AnywayZ, I have 8 different post ideas for this week, obviousley they won't all be blogged about since i'm only doing FIVE days...soooo PRAY, that I write what YOU need to hear!!! Heeeeey you guys, just to let you know, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DO pray about what to write!!! Sometimes I think I have it all planned and some of it I do exactley as planned and then some of it God will have me save for later and sometimes he just gives me a COMPLETELY different idea altogether!!! For example, my single's post HIDE AND SEEK!!! That post was NOT planned at all, buuuuut in MY PERSONAL oppinion, that is THE BEST singles post i have ever written!!! That just came to me as a RANDOM thought, and I started writing it and I'm telling you all, GOD INSPIRED that post...
I mean all my writing comes from God buuuuut that post, I literally felt like God was writing it for ME, through ME...which is soooo WEIRD!!! I told Hanna after I had written it, I could NOT stop writing this, like I REALLY FELT the annointing of God in that writing. The part in there that has the lil love story, I felt like God told me that I was actually writing MY OWN LOVE story!!! Its sooooo romantic, finding each other, IN CHRIST!!! Awwww!!! You have NO IDEA how many times since writing that post that God will remind me, I THOUGHT YOU WERE HIDING MARY!!! And the other day, I was feeling down about SINGLENESS, and I opened up that post and started reading it and I was like, OH THIS IS what I NEEDED to read!!! If you have not read the Hide and Seek post you can do so HERE!!! To catch up on all the singles week go HERE!!!
Well thats it!!! I look forward to a full week of SINGLES writing!!! Don't forget to PRAY for me!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)