Friday, August 30, 2013

UNboring WALL???

I was talking to one of my teacher friends recently, and she was telling me that there is ONE wall in the classroom that is THE MOST IMPORTANT wall for her to decorate, BECAUSE, it is the wall at the back of the classroom that she has to stare at EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, for 9 months straight while she stands at the front of the class and teaches! She's like, you know, its IMPORTANT because I don't want to get bored easily!!!
Annnnnnnnd I was thinking, I wonder HOW I would decorate that wall IF I was a teacher??? Not that I EVERRRR plan on being a teacher!!! HAHA!!! Buuuuuut Hmmmmm...what could I possibley stare at all day and neverrrrr get bored??? I mean, EVEN a pic of a handsome, Apostolic guy, I would soooooooo get bored with THE SAME pic all day, EVERYDAY!!!!
THEN it hit me, THE ONE thing I could hang and NEVER get bored!!! It would be something that what I was looking at would somewhat change EVERY day and I would ALWAYS be fascinated and  ENTHRALLED by it!!! Figure out what that ONE thing is???
A MIRROR!!! ;)))))
♥Mary Frances :)